Hello gorgeous or... handsome!


I'm so glad you're interested in knowing more about me! While you start reading and venturing your way through my blog, you'll start learning that I absolutely love exploring new places! Oh, and beaches are my absolute favorite! If there's water and sunshine, that's where I'm at. I usually like to spend either my Saturday's or Sunday's at brunch but these days, it's spent on homework (sigh). Majority of the time though, I'm with my family and friends enjoying life but for the most part, I'm busy catching up on my sleep... 🤣

I share my life products on my instagram so, if you're wondering what I'm using on a day to day basis or what I'm doing in real time, feel free to find me there @missmaichi

I consider myself being a versatile person meaning that I love everything from town to city, country to hip hop and spicy to sweet. I don't necessarily need anything dramatic but the summer evening breeze. I could live in my lounge clothes all day but I love dressing up way too much.

Don't hesitate to message me, I'd love to talk and answer any questions you have!

Hugs, love and kisses


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