Don't we all love a little self-love, photography, and style? My name is Maichi (my-chee) and I'm here to show you some extra lovin'! Born and raised in Southern Cali, San Diego to be exact. My family and I decided to set ground in Sacramento, years later! Since then, I've been smoking up a storm and grown so many different pairs of wings.

Just a Cali gal with a free spirit and dreamer on the loose. I love a big adventure where I can explore the grounds to its fullest, mind you, I love life. I'm forever on the run on finding myself and expressing wellness and positivity through my words and posts. I want to share you my life and trust me, love, we're all just the same with a little bit of a spunk in between. came about in early November of 2016. Encouraged by family and close friends, she blossomed!

Can't wait to talk to you all! Let's be friends😘