Coffee time?


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Photography by Chris Niedzielski

Top: NORDSTROM RACK (LUSH BRAND) / Bottoms: H&M / Footwear: FOREVER 21

How can we not love basics?! I'm a simple girl when it comes to coffee and conversation. I love knit wear, but what person doesn't? After frozen yogurt, a girlfriend and I decided to dive on over to Nordstrom Rack, aimlessly looking for a dress for a wedding. As we girls normally do when we shop, we get carried away with amazing deals which is why we always end up leaving the store with items that we don't need. BUT DON'T WORRY, she did find her dress... after rounds of try-ons that is.

I ended up only taking home this thin cowl neck knit wear (which is trending like crazy!! whoo what a tongue twister!) in an oatmeal color from the brand, LUSH. And for only $20!? I'm definitely snagging this especially since I'm a bargain shopper so of course I had to buy it. I gravitated towards this top surely knowing that I could get multiple of uses considering I'm all about basic pieces. It can always get dressed up or down, varies how you're feeling that day or occasion you're attending. And today, I was definitely feeling plain and simple! Really laid back type of day since my boyfriend and I were just grabbing coffee at our go to spot at Temple Fine Coffee and Tea.

Because the knit wear was so thin, I decided to wear a bralette underneath then paired it with my light washed ripped jeans, brunch taupe bag, and fringed booties. Both that I've been owning for quite some time now which I might add are becoming so useful to me this fall.

Wardrobing is all about finding the right mixture and pieces to your closet but also speaks your fashion sense, something that portrays you and your creativity. Anyone can pull this look together!


xx, missmaichi 💛