Double the turkey!

Hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving! SORRY for the quality of the photos but I didn't have much time to go out and use quality camera for my outfit. I had such a hectic weekend and worked all three days long. It's the time of the year where we remind ourselves what and why we're thankful for. I've decided to spread some love to all of my close friends in hopes they'd remember why they're so grateful to me. If you've missed anything, keep updated with my IG and TWITTER ;-)


(iPhone 6s quality)

HERS - Top: FRANCESCA's / Bottoms: FOREVER 21 / Footwear: ASOS HIS - Top: HOLLISTER CO / Bottoms: TILLY's / Footwear: SB NIKES

It's been awhile guys... It's December in a couple of days and it'll be my birthday soon! I'm excited! Best part about the holidays are hanging out with my family and YES, the food! What's your favorite part during the holidays?!

The weather was extremely freezing (aka 65 degrees) but since I knew I was going to be at the house all day cooking and prepping, I decided to just throw on a royal blue skirt, tucked in the crop top with black opaque tights and threw on some black booties to complete the look. That's literally all my wardrobe is about, EASY and EFFORTLESS. The less complicated, the better; that's my moto to styling anyways.

This year, we decided to take on different roles and responsibilities for dinner plates and it was oddly satisfying knowing how everything we've had before tasted completely new. I'm usually not the type of person to cook but rather bake so when I was asked about what I was going to bring, I thought... why not ham, haha. If you were to ask me to bake cookies, brownies, and cupcakes, I'm your go-to gal, but if it's cooking and whipping you up some fancy dinner... you might as well call your local restaurant and have them deliver you some food because everyone knows I'm the worst! By the end of it, we all had turkey full tummies, lounging around and enjoying each others company. I definitely took a big nap in the last few hours before everyone decided to head home which was good for me because of... werk...

NEXT DAY, I had to wake up for BLACK FRIDAY hours and totally nailed it with my sales (if you were wondering what I'm currently doing, I'm a fragrance vendor for L'OREAL). After the weekend, I was completely exhausted and had no desire to do anything.. so here we are, Chris and I, being couch potatoes and watching 3% on Netflix (if you haven't watched that, watch it now, it's really interesting).

Continuing on, STAY POSITIVE and LOVE THY NEIGHBORS! It's the holidays, don't forget that there are people who aren't as fortunate as you are, so BE KIND to everyone you meet. CHEERS 😘

xx, missmaichi 💛