No negative November

"We all need love and we all need nurture. There's too much death and destruction. But friends who love you should warm you like the sun. Make you feel good about yourself not freeze you in their contempt and in their hate. Anger corrodes our belief that anything good can happen to us."- The Fall

Reconciled old friendships, closed doors, opened new ones and onto finding balance; I am my own and will continue to strive for what has yet to come. We're focusing on having and keeping not only just a healthy but happy state of mind.

Choose HAPPINESS. Choose HEALTHINESS. Make a difference, today. CHANGE for the BETTER. Change for YOU.

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It's the end of November. Last and final day (HINT, 6 more days till I'm 22!! 🤗). This is the last time we'll revisit this month until next year wondering what we did around this time of the year. This month was such a stressful and pressured time for myself and of course, everyone else, I'm sure. Holiday season is usually the craziest! I left a job that no longer did any justice for my growth, ended friendships that didn't bring me contentment, and built on towards my relationship. It's difficult to let go of things and people who used to be such big parts of our lives that no longer fits into our lifestyle. BUT, that doesn't mean that our life has to stop when we decide to end bridges. IF there's anything that I've learned for these past 21 years, it's that we must pick ourselves back up and continue to build even if it takes the last bit of our strength and breath away.

How to keep a positive state of mind during stressful times:

  • Remind yourself that you're only human
  • Tell yourself you are enough
  • Drink lots of water, stay hydrated
  • Splurge on yourself because you deserve it
  • There are better things awaiting you
  • And lastly, BREATHE

You must surround yourself with positive people who encourages and celebrates your successes. Don't let those who are full of themselves disturb your focus and positivism. You RADIATE LOVE, LIGHT, AND HAPPINESS.

When people think of 'happiness' and 'healthiness' they usually think about a person(s) and food/workouts. This isn't just physical, this is mental too. It starts from the inside out; how can you possibly be truly happy and healthy if you don't dig deep down under that skin of yours!? Remember there is a root to everything that causes outbursts of people... Don't take mental health lightly, it's real. And important.

I suffer from mild anxiety, which means I constantly worry but I can ignore them unlike others who has it worse than I do. It builds overtime and comes and goes whenever it wants. So these are some things I do whenever I feel like it's becoming too overbearing...

  • Tell yourself you are loved, strong, and beautiful
  • Emphasize all of the positive things that has happened in your life
  • Read motivational/inspiring books
  • Rest, eat, and SMILE
  • Watch a comedy movie because you need to laugh a little
  • Go on a drive

Whatever it is that works for you, DO IT! Fix that anger inside of you because you deserve goodness in your life. We all do, trust me. Everything takes time, please keep that in mind.*

Stay happy and healthy... Welcome December. Embrace it! Pull your head up and keep swimming.

xx, missmaichi 💛