Feelin' 22!

As Taylor Swift says, "I'm feeling 22!" Birthday gal on the go!

Top: FRANCESCA'S / Jacket: FOREVER 21 / Bottoms: FOREVER 21 / Footwear: FOREVER 21 "Black on black" - Top: FRANCESCA'S / Bottoms: DE COLORES / Footwear: ASOS

HELLO!!!! I'm alive! Yes, I know, I haven't been blogging for a while. Probably a week if that, well, I'm back... For now... Work has consumed majority of my time, I mean 40 hours a week gets hectic and when I have days off, I just catch up on my sleep.

If you kept up with my social media AKA IG and TWITTER then you'd be in the loop. It takes minutes for me to upload photos and tweets within my reach but to sit down and properly tell you through and through about my day or week... that's a different story for another day. You've heard, I mean, I seriously have been talking about it for forever, but YES it was my birthday! Woot woot! I'm no longer 21, down the hill I go... I turned 22 on the 6th this month but while I'm at work, everyone thinks I'm 26 or 27 and to be honest, sometimes I even feel like I am compared to your normal 20-year-old. I'm just an old soul in a young body. Ain't nothing wrong with that!

AM I THE ONLY PERSON WHO CELEBRATES MY BIRTHDAY TO THE MAX!? HONESTLY! Every year, my family makes my birthday amazing and I'm always reminded that I'm loved especially since I get so caught up within my own little world sometimes. It was honestly such a different feeling this year considering that I've been working more, gone through my own personal mental breakdown and had little to no motivation to do anything. ANYHOW, on my actual birthday, my boyfriend and I went to get a couples massage which was really nice. The day after, we went for brunch at Bacon and Butter and later, I went with a friend to wine and dine. FINALLY, rented a motel for a night and enjoyed the rain (that was an experience, haha). ALL ABOUT RELAXATION at this point considering all the stress and craziness that's been happening.

Otherwise, THOSE BOOTS MAN! I've been meaning to buy them online and omg, I must say they're probably the best purchase I've made in awhile especially with shoes. They're super trendy right now, the whole "KANYE" lookbook deal is a thing. I'm obsessed!

TRENCH COATS AND BOOTS... They're life. AND PS. Those jeans totally ripped when we went for brunch and it sucked. Favorite jeans don't last forever... Haha.

To many more years of spontaneous fun. I'm only getting older. TO DO LIST! STOP BEING RECKLESS 😉 Hope everyone's been doing great!!

xx, missmaichi 💛