Merry Cheery Christmas

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I'm sure I did! So... Hey... I'm finally done working those 40 hrs weekly and my body is just now finally recovering. I didn't know how tired I was until the aftermath of my last day; took naps on naps. I'm BACK... finally but not for long. CONGRATS to me for nailing my job interview; I'm starting my new job this Wednesday (tomorrow) which should be interesting. Closing one door, opening another. I am so proud of myself and happy with how things are ending. A lot has happened in week or even more.  

TOP: H&M / BOTTOMS: Charlotte Russe / BAG: Forever 21 / FOOTWEAR: Charlotte Russe

The day before my last day, friends and I decided to go out to catch up with an old friend. A lot has changed since then but our mentality towards each other hasn't. High school really throws you out of character and tests you but as we all say, the "hard part" is just the beginning. Naturally, we're still finding ourselves and what our niche is and I'd like to think that there's more that needs to be done, internally and externally; motivation transcends onto another part of our lives as each chapter continues to be written.

It was freezing that night and am I glad that we've celebrated on catching up and widening our horizons for new opportunities especially leaping onto faith. I think what really caught my attention about him was the fact that he was afraid of the unknown because I could relate. I used to be that way and heck, sometimes I still feel that way but nowadays, I'm tense about the future. I've gradually learned to jump and land on my feet with some precautions. It shocked me at first because I used to believe I was the only one who felt that way but it made me feel safe and comfortable. It's a constant reminder that I'm not alone even though I do feel that way sometimes. No one knows what's behind those closed doors, so let the curiosity lead the way.



Can you tell? We totally feasted. It's a normal every weekend type of food we make anyway but to other people, they were astonished. Egg rolls, veggies, hmong sausages, noodles and larb; there's a lot to learn from my culture that no one knows much about. I'm 100% Hmong and I'm the baby out of 7 children - four brothers and two sisters.

If you've kept up with me on my social media! HENCE, IG and TWITTER I've updated on that a lot more than I do with my blog. We finally took a decent at home style family photo and then some with my sister plus nephew; people are always super curious about how the rest of my family look like so here it is! I'm pretty sure we're not your typical Asian family considering everyone is so much taller and bigger than they look. I'm just the short one out of them all...


Oh makeup! Calling all lovers of the beauty world, we know and love makeup geek and can I honestly say, how freaking beautiful is this palette?! I got it from our secret Santa play this year alongside with multiple of gifts. I think for those who like to depot and travel, this is the best and only way you should carry your eye shadows along for the ride. All of these colors were amazing and super blendable! I basically have an entire collection of liquid lipsticks and highlighters now. If YOU know me, I'm all about liquid lipsticks and highlighters! I think they're the staple to life, just high shine and powerful lips on the go.

This one week has changed almost drastically for myself and others as well. I caught up with a lot of old friends and family that I haven't seen or heard from in awhile. I feel cheerful and happy. I am blessed and reminded each day of how lucky I am to be alive and well with those who love and cherish me. FOR ALL OF YOU WHO FORGET, you are one of a kind and be damned, there is no one like you so please, treat your body well because it treats you well. Love yourself. Love thy neighbor. And love everything else that consumes your time. Every moment you spend is a moment you need to savor. People and things don't last forever.

Stay well.

xx, missmaichi 💛