Ringing in the New Year with...


Indefinite craziness due to the busiest time of the year for me - trying to grasp my job and also school this semester. I cannot believe I'm almost starting but I'm ready to take on everything that's being thrown at me. Although my mind is set somewhere else right now and a lot has been changing and moving incredibly fast, apart of me kind of likes it. It's everything I've been dreaming for... sorta... "be careful what you wish for because you might just get it," and man, am I biting my tongue now!

Luckily, to end of my first week of work, my family and I went to Global Winter Wonderland! It was extremely cold and by the end of the night, we were all frozen. Winter Wonderland is by far the most magical place I've gone to all winter long and it projects so much light during the night that it gravitates me towards it even more than I already am. MY FAVORITE part of it was riding on the swings! It's the only thing I love and could go on for forever; it makes me feel free and uplifts all the heaviness that I have. I like to think that even though you're high above the ground when you're on the swings and are feeling anxious, you're always going to land on the ground, gravity will always pull you back no matter how far up you are. It's just a quick release to get you through the day.

ALSO, if you haven't caught on already, we've taken so many photos so be aware of what you're getting yourself into 😉

I've been wanting to go since my birthday but we've never had the time nor did anyone in my family had the right scheduling matching up with mine so therefore it stopped me from going but am I glad we finally went. I love hanging out with them and wouldn't trade it for the world. The most important key to life is family and without them, you have and are nothing (IMO) because the people who are closest to you shape, teach, and most importantly love you in ways that no one else can; you gain perspective, trust, and morals in life. People lose all of those things when they think that they can go at it alone and choose to isolate themselves because they believe that no one understands them. I am here, living proof that it's not that. You can't do it all by yourself, you can't hold the world all alone on your shoulders and you definitely can't undermine anything without any knowledge about the world. You can only carry so much until you fall and be alone for so long till you start to crave for someone, something to come save you.

I am so happy and proud of myself for coming out of that. It's been a long time coming. And now I am here, reiterating that to someone special to me because he deserves the world but won't let himself heal. SO PLEASE, accept and gradually learn to forgive. "Be gentle."

Chris and I are gaining to do lists to tackle. ONE: LOSE WEIGHT + TONE / TWO: VACA IN NEW YORK / THREE: SAVE, SAVE, SAVE!

2017! I'm coming for you. I'm coming!

CHEERS! To new friendships, beginnings, and opportunities. I'm all about taking chances and jumping with my eyes closed. Chimed in the year watching the fireworks at Old Sac then headed home to my family to celebrate the big 2 0 1 7!🎊🎉

2016 was incredibly hard for me. And when I say hard, I mean complex and mentally draining. I've ended the year gracefully by reconnecting with old friends and gaining new ones. As I ensured myself for reconciling those broken wounds, I promised myself not to get so caught up within those old memories and move forward with life. We have the tendency to retrace our mistakes and hold them against ourselves because we've fucked up... hoping to fix them, but can't so we continuously blame and remember. AGAIN, ACCEPTANCE AND FORGIVENESS. With those two components, you'll move forward quicker than you think. It is easier to be said than it is to be done. Whoever said that life was easy is wrong. Growth, progression and completion will only continue to repeat itself - start now.

Be excited. Take what's yours. Celebrate and share. This is your time to shine. This year is yours! ✨

Thank you all for being such supportive and kind human beings. Another year to learn and love.

xx, missmaichi 💛