Rain, rain go away, come again another day

It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring! Wherever you are, stay warm and dry. Sacramento is going through some crazy rain. I can't even grasp the concept of 2016 being completely over and now it's 2017... crazy how quickly the year went by. I officially revamped my page and am soon revamping my entire lifestyle; it's a fresh start to a "better life."


Photographed by Chris Niedzielski


2017! now clicking.. Refresh.. Let's move forward! We've all been waiting for this... haven't we? New year, new me? Haha, we're still the same but our goals has changed. We want more, better and something NEW. Every year passes by and we tell ourselves that we're going to make or become something different, but are we really!? Don't make excuses. Don't let others get in your way. And even if you have to do it all alone, it's okay. You do it! Do it because it's going to benefit you and your life.

I chase every little thing, no matter the size or circumstances. I do it because I WANT it. Craving and needing. Sometimes people get them mixed up kind of like when there's a battle between your head and heart. Don't get confused and wonder which is right or wrong. To be honest with you, it's whatever you want to decide, there's no correct answer. Every step you take gets you closer to "home." And certain, when it's both, your heart and soul is calling for it, you gotta chase it. Be it. DO IT. Take control and remember that life happens sometimes so be ready to catch yourself when you fall.


TOP: Sweater & Jean Jacket from FOREVER 21 / BOTTOMS: Black washed denim from H&M / FOOTWEAR: NIKE JANOSKI / ACCESSORIES: Necklaces & chokers from FRANCESCAS, Beanie from AMERICAN EAGLE OUTFITTERS


It's almost the weekend again! But lately, the weather has been bipolar; raining, sunny, and the next thing you know, the entire world is blowing winds at 80mph and trees are falling over. I may be over exaggerating because I get cold easily but it's nut! I would never be able to bear the snow and 40 degrees weather outside.

Chris and I took a stroll in midtown trying to find this place called Lavender Heights because everyone, I mean everyone has been all over this and I thought, why haven't I been here considering I'm always around the area... the bars and clubs... yet somehow, I missed this hidden gem. ART. (it keeps my inspiration running) Speaking of art, I haven't gone to a museum or exhibit in awhile. Boy am I glad, this mural is here to stay! Took a few shots in the rain but you could barely tell which is great! I swear, we're always reaching new heights and testing out everything regardless of rain or wind. Weather seems to have no effect on us... until afterwards at least. IT'S ALL ABOUT HAVING FUN, ENJOYING EVERY SINGLE MOMENT OF IT (even if you're frustrated), AND SEIZING THE DAY NO MATTER WHAT'S COOKING OUTSIDE!


I'm in a complete shit storm, not gonna lie. No, literally... it's been so, so windy and rainy these past couple of days that my mood has been slowly crashing like the stock market. I'm trying to regain my enthusiasm but I'm finding out that my job has made me lose all sight of direction. I feel blind almost and I can't find my purpose which has caused me to feel antsy and anxious lately. I'm trying to relax and calm the storm that's been roaming by. I feel less sick and crazed over fashion statements plus I'm going through my winter phase and throughout all of this, I'M STILL PUTTING A SMILE ON AND TRYING MY BEST EVERY SINGLE DAY. Gotta keep that motivation going!

A smile and some coffee to warm up the soul. AND MOSTLY ART. I live by it. By the way, this is my "rainy day outfit," and let me remind you, I HATE THE RAIN! It ruins my vibe. So I'm living comfortably these days... jeans, sweater and a jacket with some comfy sneakers. Gotta keep seeking some inspiration through these hazy days!

Hope you've all been well. Find your motivation. AND THRIVE. You're all capable and willing. The challenge is to break out of your comfort zone, as I've said once before, you never know what can happen.

Don't fear the future and the past has already happened. LIVE IN THE NOW!

xx, missmaichi 💛