Dazing into Thursday

Good morning! How are you? Great I hope! Work has consumed me for quite some time now and I've been trying to live my life accordingly and when I mean accordingly, I mean budgeting. It's been tough but I'm glad that I've been sticking to this goal. If you haven't thought about saving or working on your finances, you need to start doing so especially if you have a problem with spending like myself. I've been thinking, now that I've been retrograding, I should keep drinking this tea that I've been provided with by LUMITEA - SKINNY and COLON to keep my health above my "average" so I don't lose track of time; I also have a discount code "MAICHI" for 15% off of your order but we'll go into more details on another day. Otherwise, check the tea out! It does wonders! You're going to ask me... retrograde? Yes. It means that instead of going forward, you're going backwards in life and man, are those memories flooding like the flood we've just encountered in Sacramento. It's high then low. I never know these days. All I can say is that I'm working on it and maintaining this madness. In other news, I appreciate and love all the sweet commentaries on my social media: instagram and twitter lately. As you can tell, I've been dazing off into space hoping for some spiritual savior. I've lost my balance and without that I'm just lost. In no time though, I should be back to normalcy.

FAAAASHIONNNN! Style... Let's talk.


TOP: Flannel - H&M, Leather jacket - Francescas / BOTTOMS: Old Navy / FOOTWEAR: Dolce Vita / ACCESSORIES: Wallet - Betsey Johnson

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TOP: Forever 21 / BOTTOMS: Forever 21 / FOOTWEAR: Uggs / ACCESSORIES: Bag - Worthington

Photographed by Chris Niedzielski

We walk in style... I would like to believe that when we die, we die in our clothes that we're wearing so in case that's the truth, I like to always make sure that I leave the house looking decent and presentable, on my a-game at all times. I may be a bit excessive, but sometimes being too much can be a good thing... right? Reassuring myself, of course, I have this tendency of not being able to leave the house until I've changed about 4x's... I mean... I want to look amazing, is that such a crime?! STYLE  is art. It's about who you are and how you view the world, mainly yourself but you dress up because feeling great in what you wear brings out the confidence in you. WALK IN STYLE, TALK IN STYLE, ACT IN STYLE.

Be happy, be bright, be you!

My style is a combination of being a minimalist to over the top. I pick and choose but majority of the time, it's about color match and making sure I'm warm enough to walk out the house not complaining and freezing throughout the day or night. I think shoes are pretty important to an outfit, it dresses up the casualness while some tops can play both dressy or casual so they're easier to adjust. Left, casual enough to go out and meet people / Right, casual for errands and hanging out - one word, two meanings. Complicated? No, just how you perceive it.

I play a lot with black, white, and grey. Too much color scares me and if anything, my lips are what displays best in color since I wear lots of reds, purples and nudes. You'll notice that in time, I wear ripped jeans like no tomorrow and during the fall, boots are forever while in the summer, Rainbow's are my everyday. You'll rarely catch me wearing sneakers... Normally, I'm just a couch potato bingeing on Netflix with Chris. AND PLEASE tell me you've all been watching TRAVELERS! If not, hurry and get on it, you're missing out!

At the end of the day, have fun and keep on experimenting with your closet! (don't forget to check out my closet) You'll find your niche soon enough 😉

xx, missmaichi 💛