Shedding new skin & light

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset Just like fall when it's ending, I'm shedding off all the old and dead leaves that are falling. Willing to push through the hurt and pain. Happy is in my mind but it hasn't reached in my heart yet.

TOP: Target / BOTTOMS: Old Navy / FOOTWEAR: Forever 21

Today was a little bit harder than the other days but I'm surviving. I don't want to keep trying to glue dead leaves back onto the branch hoping for it to stay when it's already dead and gone. Especially when the person is no longer here. I just want the best for myself and I don't want to keep living in memories that I can't share with the person who I made them with. I don't want to keep feeling like this. Feeling unworthy and unloved. I don't want to feel obligated nor rushed to be okay either. Everyone has their own pace and timing; I can almost feel the ease upon my heart and soul.

This is now the "new me." Shedding into a new light of a new chapter. I feel lighter on the eyes and less heavier on the heart. Although I'm breaking out from the dairy consumption and stress, I am feeling ready to tackle on this new journey more and more every day.

I'm going back to my roots of loving red and orange tones because it looks good on my skin tone. Plus it brings out so much more life out of me as I was told before... I woke up dancing to music, smiled at myself in the mirror and lounged alone, something that I haven't done in awhile. From being okay to suddenly having my entire mood at the end of the day shift because I remembered the significance of today then I realized, this is just a regular day for me now. I am no longer tied to someone that's not in love with me.

The happy now. May all the good vibes and luck be with me. Let the hurt be healed.

No hard feelings.

xo, missmaichi 💛