La vita è bella, la vita è amore


Life is beautiful, life is love Fall in love with yourself and you will fall in love with life. Not only will love solve all of the world's problems but our values and worth will be equal. Then again, who said life was perfect?

HAPPY MARCH TO YOU BEAUTIFUL HEARTS AND SOULS 😘💖 This month is a new month to #beginagain so please, don't screw this up 😉

I haven't felt this comfortable in my own skin since January, I believe or in October of 2016. Bare. Naked. Open and overwhelming excited about what my body looks like. No, I'm not in tip top shape nor is my face completely acne scar free but that's not going to stop me from loving myself. I danced and sang my heart out, all while being naked in the morning. Vibrancy and absolute happiness. I continued to lay in bed afterwards under the sun and began to remind myself of how lovely I was regardless of how mentally fucked up I am, possibly even damaged... I know it won't be long till I start seeing the twinkle in my eyes and feeling myself get back into my groove. I feel it coming and it's not too far. Change your perspective on life and see how dramatically it begins to shift. Don't let negativity deteriorate you.

Wednesday Wunders: Remember when you were young and you thought that the entire world was your playground? It still is, you just have to find resources to utilize to its fullest of potential. Yes, we're talking about potential again. Even though it can be bad because people are people and we have feelings too...

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TOP: Tilly's, Francesca's / BOTTOMS: H&M / FOOTWEAR: Adidas

I shouldn't keep soaking up all the resources from people and situations till they're all dried up and dead. I was reading online today about astrology (yes, I am into that) and apparently as a Sagittarius, that's what has been happening lately; I shouldn't then leave and walk away without thanking them. I'm not saying that I don't because I do. I have the tendency to turn the page after and it causes me to have bad karma so I must keep weary upon my actions and how I treat people. As we all believe that we are good people, in which, yes we all are, there are times where the bad gets the best of us. We still do hold very dark and mysterious traits that no one else knows about. Heck, sometimes we don't even know about it ourselves. SO, here's 2017! TO MORE CHANGES. I've learned so much after my break up and goodness, am I glad. If I didn't learn anything at all, welp, that means I didn't grow or mature as I should've.

Learn to cherish the little things. Something I have to keep reminding myself for the simple reason that I'm too forward and future prone. I'm always thinking ahead and never really truly living in the moment. I mean those moments where the time is being played in slow motion and you can't help but smile because of how pure it truly is. Sadly, those occasions are rather rare for me nowadays.

I'm focusing on healing mentally. Still having my days but I'm getting there like I stated before. There's nothing that I feel in this world that could stop me from bettering myself unless, god forbid I die or something... No pessimism here. 🙅 Day after day, time and acceptance will release me of this treachery.

(I have unconditional love for those who see worth and value to me and my name but to others who don't see the same, I have no use or energy to put a mutual agreement to. My energy shouldn't be wasted nor shall my time.) LOVE CAN BE CRAZY AND BLINDING SOMETIMES.

#GREYMATTER has been in my wardrobe for quite some time now and I don't think it's going anywhere anytime soon. I cannot believe how amazing these shoes are left alone my obsession for the cardigan. I feel like I always wear it now because of how lightweight it is plus it's slouchy and that's the best part. Athletic wear is trending!! Bring all of your nikes, adidas and pumas out to play! NO SHAME in the game. Casual or dressy, dress to inspire girly!

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Been craving SUSHI for months and this has changed my life! YES. I have no idea what's going on with me lately but this is all I've been eating. I no longer crave American Food or Italian left alone Mexican Food. I don't mind it, it's perfect. NEXT - We're gonna be learning to DETOX WITH TEA TOX... AND ALSO SMOOTHIES. MAINLY smoothies... 😃 So watch out for that in a couple of days.

We carry on the changes we'd like to see as we continue to grow and flourish into stronger versions of ourselves. How can you expect to change the world if you can't even change yourself? We're stuck to our old ways but that doesn't decimate the entire equation, it only adds more factors and variables into play. Stop believing that the world is against you. Even at your darkest of times, you must find the light. You must find the good in the bad.

Let's keep pushing! Let's let love and light in. Sustain genuineness and consistency. Nothing and no one can stop you from achieving your dreams and goals in life, love.


Live and let live.

xx, missmaichi 💛