Your Spot

"It's not about what the scale says or your pants size, but making a long-term lifestyle shift." - Astrotwins Hope you all had a beautiful weekend and will continue to have a beautiful week. Happy Sunday! 🌺🌺

Two questions today:

Is your current doings affecting anything in your life? All the details and big jumps matter, it's a ripple effect in which should push you closer to your ultimate dreams and goals. If not, it's time to break the cycle.

My spot. My heart? My home? My bed? It all has to start somewhere. Making my bed to cooking breakfast and putting myself in a good mood, those are the little things that hits it home for me. When I say your spot, that's the thing that keeps you calm, so where or what is it?

It's important to know that what you're doing is giving you contentment rather dysfunctional and unwanted stress.

De-stress to compress.

Clear Lake Happiness

(Please keep updated for more. Just snips and fun clips! Creative and happy. Will most likely be vlogging soon so keep that in mind! My trip to Clear Lake summed up by relaxation, sunshine and good vibes.)

Day 01: Delighted in Coral

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DRESS: Forever 21 / FOOTWEAR: Dolce Vita

It's been raining lately and when the sun came out, I was excited. I was ready for this day, I was ready to wear something fun and bright. Dresses! In this case, a wrap dress that was just now coming into style but it's been around since last year. Coral or bright reds are favored against my skin tone when it's spring especially when I get my tan. I felt extremely lovely! The colors reminded me of sweetness, somewhere between a strawberry and when you cut open a watermelon. You know? That greatness you see. Those heels are perfect for comfort and a bit of height if you're trying to dress yourself up which are the best kind of heels.

These days though, I feel like a laid back type of fashionist because I get so tired and lazy so I'd only wish to only be in yoga pants and oversized sweaters.

Day 02: Stripe Fever

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TOP: ASOS / BOTTOMS: Charlotte Russe / FOOTWEAR: Sears / ACCESSORIES: DSW, Forever 21, The 5th

You know it's not going to work out but you try anyway. It's the thought of never knowing what could become of it therefore it leads you do it because you have faith it'll reach happiness. As long as you try, you're doing something so don't let others discourage you.

Wearing a borrowed striped men's sweater (now ultimately becoming mine) was the best decision ever. I felt like a total mom that day then soon realized I wore the wrong shoes because it started to pour! And when I mean pour, I mean I almost slipped in a puddle of water and died.. Okay I'm being a bit dramatic but it happened. I found myself in a dilemma but I always approach the situation as, "as long as I'm looking fashionable and appropriate, anything is possible and doable!" Point is, it doesn't matter what you wear, either women or men clothing, wrong or right, you do you and be confident in it!

Finding your spot means being comfortable, wherever you are and in whatever you're doing, it's your zone, the place you feel most at ease and peace with. Mine has always been the simple things. I find comfort in compiling outfits together and my spot would be in my room or in the car at 2AM listening to music with good vibes and company. It benefits my soul.

So, what's your spot?

xx, missmaichi 💛