Let's Get Lost


in the hindsight of sunshine and breeze. As I continue to revisit places that I've created some grateful memories over the past few years at, it steadily floods my mind with bittersweet memories and warmth to my heart. Happy FRIYAY everyone, I sure do hope that your week's been blessed and painted with lots of love! I've been trying to get better at posting more but as we've established this before, my social media IG and TWITTER has been more consistent with the updates, so please do follow me there if you haven't already.

We're in April. The showers and growth of pretty flowers! We debate whether or not jeans or shorts are a thing but in reality, neither are. Just yoga pants and a big shirt fits the weather nicely since we're all a little bit confused at this time of the season.

We should all know by now that I appreciate the sun more than anything. I come alive when it hits my skin and I'm a whole new person. This week has been tremendously relaxing considering it was my spring break after all. As I continue to rekindle my friendships with old faces, I join closer to new ones as well.

Fashion has always been a big part of my life since I could remember. Thanks to my mom and dad for preparing me for this entire life's journey, I've grown to love who and what I present myself as.

So, let's get lost in the whirls of style.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

 TOP - Zara, Francesca's / BOTTOMS: H&M / FOOTWEAR: Forever 21

Rainy days calls for? Unpreparedness. Per usual, I never really know what I get myself into until I jump and learn that it's not what I had expected but that's the best; surprises are full of life's mysteries. Let's keep unraveling and show ourselves what we're capable of.

I love seeing people being in the moment and forget what's happening around them. It's that light that I used to see in myself, not to get confused that I still don't have that in me, but I'm on the process of gaining back the full and 100 shine that I used to possess.

OH! Music wise? Yes. PnB Rock, 6lack and Khalid. ON REPEAT. PLEASE, keep this as a reminder:


because if you don't, then why are you living? Don't just exist, you've gotta live! From this day forward, live like today is your last. Yes, cliché to say, yet again, but after obsessing over 13 Reasons Why, I've told myself over and over again that appreciating the little things is more important than materialistic items. I want to emphasize that you must enjoy your days whether it be good or bad, make the best of it and revert that negativity into positivity. The more love and thoughtfulness you become and embody, the better you shine and inspire others.

Do this for you. Because you are what matters. You're amazing.

Let's get lost, love. How else will you find who you really are? Have a bunnyful, spring fever of a weekend 🥚🐰💐

xx, missmaichi 💛