Dancing in Daylight

whilst all trying not to hinder each moment and each other. Hey👋🏻, what have you been up to? Probably more than I have, let's be honest. This week's been full of work and school which I can't complain about because I'm staying productive. The weekend was killer but it was great. Blessing my dad and seeing feelings arise made me feel some type of way. Not to say those feelings were never there, it just helped shed light onto truer feelings. My parents have done so much for us that I only wish to do more for them. I strive every time I gain a big shot or opportunity in life to repay for their efforts and time.

My entire goal is to say no to staying stagnant, that shit drives me insane! Anyone who knows me well knows that I hate comfort. My theory in life is to surround myself in everything that constantly changes but there's a catch! There must be one thing that stays consistent and the same. My safe spot. My comfort.

I'm learning more about myself these days, just on a slower pace. Due to my high expectations, I always wish for the results to be quicker. I know though that I have to remind myself to be and stay patient with everything. ALL GREAT THINGS THAT HAPPEN IN LIFE TAKES TIME.

I continue to laugh at myself for making jokes and feeling great with everything I've been wearing but sometimes, I lack confidence in myself on days where I overeat. That's normal though, I'm a girl. I complain and I cry. I stress and I cave into my bedroom with blankets over my head.

Let's JUMP to my Weekly Wears:

Left to Right: H&M / Forever 21 / Target / Dolce Vita / Zooshoo / Cotton On / Charlotte Russe / Francesca's / Hollister Co

X to Y, I've skipped a few days but those days were a bit blurry anyways. My fashion sense has yet to be dead! I've been trying to revamp some old pieces from my closet that I haven't touched in a while and I think it's been quite successful. Because of my laziness though, I've been living in jeans and t-shirts lately. Shame on me right? Oh well. The weather's been kind of weird sooooo it gives me an excuse to dress like a normal human being.

This is when you can't take a serious picture because you and your coworkers are basically buzzed on a couple of drinks but you're high and enjoying life. Wine for ya! Beer on the side and a little bit of too much food. This is called... Dancing in Daylight! 

Let loose and embrace your wild side! Be comfortable in your skin and let yourself win.

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Welcome to my obsession with floral. During the Spring, all I want to wear is bright reds and flowy things. I love feeling girly and truth be told, I never really enjoy being in tight clothing because it makes me feel a bit uncomfortable. #ALLTHINGSGIRLY explains my entire life story.

TOP: Francesca's / BOTTOMS: Old Navy / FOOTWEAR: Charlotte Russe

My everyday wears with jewelry these days have been Alex and Ani since my Marc Jacobs watch died the same month my life suddenly went to total shit. How ironic, right? Let's not even begin. Otherwise, I haven't worn these bad babies since I've ordered them and they were only $20! I'm talking about my thigh highs of course. If you even dare to look in my closet, you'd probably know that I have a bunch of unworn pieces with the price tag still on them... bad habits but hey, since I've grown to love comfort over the new, I've stopped buying new pieces and that's good for me because I'm saving myself a ton of money. But am I really? Questions I ask myself every single time I see something cute.

You just have to appreciate the simple things.

I've revisited my DRAKE days and now I'm even more in love with him than I was before. Back to back, old to new. He's probably the only rapper who I know the lyrics to by heart. Music obsession lately!*

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Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

More flowers! More dresses! And more feelings...

Step your way onto beauty and have a magical weekend! Learn to plant your feet and let yourself grow. Keep watering until you see yourself blossom. Oh! And don't forget to keep killin' it in the fashion game.

Much love and gratitude, missmaichi 💛