Pressing Against My Skin

do I only feel sunset and the cold breeze intertwining so well that I fall in love with myself again.

Velveteen and Sunny Spring.

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TOP: Forever 21, GAP / BOTTOM WEAR: Hollister Co

We welcome the May flowers and green grass. The birds who sing to us and the friends who share drinks with us. We continue to move forward, flip the pages and cover our eyes when we get scared, but we don't ever steer the ship backwards because our destination is awaiting us. SMOOTH SAILING!

I saw a friendly face and it brighten my attitude. Someone that brings me adventures and listens to my details. And today, details mattered. I laid out my outfit onto my bed like I was preparing for a formal dance or something but the urge of being out was calling me. I called it, I called that today was going to be a great day. Besides, the sun was practically screaming my name!

I branched out to wear the bodysuit. I wore it out once but after that, I never reached for it again. #PRETTYINPINK I'd like to call it. Who knew that this day was going to be filled with adventure and at most quality time with the "grown ups." More toasting, more food, more life.

Snapshots. Snapshots of my moments in pristine light.

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I stopped baking since January. I stopped pushing against the waves. I drained all the energy out of me. I stopped. I froze. The moments that I used to stop time in... all those moments died. I fell out of love with life. BUT the moment my sister and I hopped onto the bikes and rode around the neighborhood, I felt at ease. I felt good. The day was perfect.

#Weekend Vibez - Baseball Games & ICECREAM FAME!


Alright, alright. I went for ice cream for about 3x's in two weeks now. Back to back as it seems so it gave me the excuse to go again because 5 days ago, it was my nephews birthday. I used to love eating ice cream with my family until of course, I became lactose and the world just took a huge spin on my life. But I thought, why not!? A little won't hurt, plus I deserved it.

The weather yet again, was beautiful. Not too hot or too cold. My first Rivercats baseball game was hilarious. I grew into liking beer and IPA's which is weird because before, I absolutely hated it. Overtime though, I learned to enjoy the roughness and bitter taste. I enjoy it. I remembered to enjoy food. Enjoy drinks. And enjoy life, every bits of it. Everything in this life is about learning and without a doubt, I started to love the things I hated. The game ended with fireworks which was magnificent. No, let me rephrase that, magical. I love fireworks! I call them explosions in the sky due to the fact that they paint such breathless photos in the dark just like when you splatter paint onto a white canvas. Pure beauty.


I decided to throw on a classic outfit that day but instead changed into jeans later. Just your average flannel, tank, ripped jeans and a cap. I would wear it everyday if I could but I'd rather not. #BASIC

I forget to just embrace the casualties and simplicity because I want perfect too much. But there's no perfection, there's just pressure and stress. Who knew that someone holding onto my back could feel so comfortable again, that weightless feeling, that "I'll catch you" feeling. I love my family. My friends. And most importantly, myself.

To press so much of life and its surprises onto my skin, burned and hurt before... and now, it's a scar I'll forever learn to be happy about. As things end, new ones begin. 🌺



Let's unbutton our shirts a little and appreciate each other. Time is short and continuously ticking. No regrets, no sorrows and no promises on tomorrows. Live today and every second of your life with no weight on your shoulders. Keep your mind clear and heart clean.

May you begin your new chapter with lots of laughter and sunshine. UNTIL NEXT TIME! 😉😘✌🏻

xx, missmaichi 💛