Blooming Roses

with my sun-kissed skin wondering where I left my soul. We cross the same streets and backtrack to the spots that we used to go when I was healing myself in 2014. Here I am, in 2017, healing myself again. I believe this time I will do it right, I'll do it better. This is my second chance at life to reverse the roles and be a better mender to myself. I detached from the quad and now, I'm back. Things are different and sometimes I still feel a little bit alone but it's good. We have to learn to be alone in order to fulfill the other half when the time comes. It'll be substantial to ourselves and our lives in the future.


I believe I wasn't ready before. No one knows and no one really values the time to figure that out. How can anyone know? During the time that everything was happening and assembling, I didn't put much thought into the process. Of course, the second year was rolling around and that's when I told myself, I wanted this. Everything. All of it. Beginning, I wasn't sure if I wanted to commit because I'm usually not that type but when I do and when I did, I planted both feet into the soil and hoped for them to grow. I wanted them to grow so badly that in the end, the roots that did sprout couldn't come out easily. To heighten my journey and elevate my soul, I've stepped back into a memory place... the rose garden. It will always be my spot. I always find myself withering away and losing my all into the beauty. I hope one day I can have my own rose garden in my backyard. Beauty & The Beast...



I am a flower who grows from the concrete and in the dark with no sunlight and water. It's been a tough life, it's been a tough year and I'm still here, abundantly arising. With the 106 degrees in Sacramento and god forbid a heat stroke, I decided to throw on a cotton dress with an open back view. I regretted that terribly considering the material was the wrong choice. I wore this dress to a reception dinner and that night was incredibly unforgettable.

I mean, I came home with a million of mosquito bites and got a little bit tipsy. That night reunited my best friend and I and friendships I haven't seen since December. It seemed like I stepped back into 2016 for a bit and relived it but this time, we were saying how much we missed each other. It's funny how we all come from seeing each other everyday to no longer seeing anyone at all. Life happens.



IMG_2866DRESS: Forever 21 / FOOTWEAR: Dolce Vita / ACCESSORIES: Kate Spade, Francesca's, Forever 21, QUAY

Corals are definitely a favorite color that looks amazing against my skin. Again, in the red tones. When I'm tan in the spring/summer, it makes my skin tone more golden than it already is therefore it plays well in my cards.

Everyone's constantly looking for dresses that are simple yet adds a little twist - I recommended buying online these days even if it takes a week or two. It's your best bet honestly. I find it harder to shop in store these days because the compilation of the mess gives me more anxiety than I already have so I'd rather sit in my comfy bed and scroll. If you already know your body type, everything should be fine. Same goes with makeup, haircuts and hair dye. All shapes and sizes effects the way you wear and style yourself.

We went ahead and got pizza at Pieology since Sellands wasn't on the menu today and boy, was it delicious. My pizza is almost always made with spinach, ricotta, chicken and black olives. They call it "the vegetarian pizza." I call it, "Maichi's life choices."

My days are progressively active, of course, I am now trying to put my dreams into existence. As Russ says, "speak into existence" one of my favorite artists. It's been said and multiplied in numerous of times that the only thing and person who's getting in the way of yourself is you. So, I need to stop sabotaging all of the good things that come my way and start accepting.

IMG_2864 Photography by: Maimee Vang

Continuing to blossom. Like a rose with thorns, I am beautiful but hard to be kept, alive that is. With the right care and patience, I will live. If you pluck me, make sure you take care of me. Until then, let me take care of me.

PSA!!!!! The grass is greener, okay? Believe in yourself. You need to believe and trust that life will bring you what you need, what will heal you, and what can develop you. Get some sleep and hydrate yourself. Maybe hit the gym for some cardio, which I've been doing recently and it has been helping tremendously. Do anything that helps you reclaim yourself. DO IT RIGHT. 

JUST ENCOURAGE AND THINK POSITIVE! Have a marvelous Monday, loves!

Until next time, missmaichi 💛😘