Happy America!

As we're all recovering from last night's festivities, I hope everyone had a wonderful time with their loved ones celebrating America! I would like to thank everyone who has protected and still is serving this country for making this a safe home for our lives and lifestyles. It's incredibly insane how our lives are completely different compared to everyone outside of this country so, don't ever take anything for granted. Crazy to think that it felt just like yesterday where we were spending 4th of July together! Sitting on my front yard with lawn chairs, watching the fireworks going crazy and running around with sparklers. Overall though, I'm moving forward with my life, replenishing myself with good vibes and fulfilling my heart with love. Nonetheless, I had such a splendid time with my family. The good vibes just keep on coming!

Some friendships that has recently ended have deteriorated a lot of my happiness so I've completely shut down the idea of "giving more than two chances." I've realized that all of those negative vibes that I have encountered in the past few months have not been serving my soul any wellness therefore, I could careless about anything that has left and sprung an outburst in my life. To fill in those gaps and holes, I've actually brought onboard new faces and souls who's been more on my mentality level. With that being said, I am looking forward to more growth and connection.

I just want to thank everyone, again, for participating in all of the craziness that's been going around with me and my distance. I appreciate the time, effort and empathy that's been given for and to me since I've been needing my own my space lately.

WHAT I WORE ON 4OJ: #OOTD starts off with DETAILS!

DRESS: Zara / FOOTWEAR: Franco Sarto / ACCESSORIES: Alex and Ani, Forever 21

I have been trying to find this play-suit since I last spotted it on Pinterest and one night, as I was scrolling through my Poshmark, I finally found it, as if everything was meant to be! This play-suit speaks to me on so many different levels. It's easy, fun, and detailed - very simplistic, yet overall loud and chic; something I appreciate very much. I decided to pair it with my yellow flats by Franco Sarto and can I say, these are the most comfortable and loveliest flats I've ever owned in my entire 22 years of life. I've actually purchased these at Nordstrom Rack awhile back before I had gone to my trip to Clear Lakes because I had originally thought I would wear them for cute outfits, but instead I had decided that sandals were more reasonable since I'd be by the lake and pool all day.

Photography by: Maimee Vang

I do have a bit more color going on then I had originally planned but because the sole color of this play-suit is a sky blue and detailed with minimal color, I decided to throw on some more color that were similar to the embroidery that was on the top part of the play-suit. The yellows and bright oranges! The earrings were a purchase that I made online when I was scrolling through Forever 21 to get free shipping and again, I thought heck, why not because they're a fun color and it's bold; very edgy and chic all at the same time. Again, my style, so me. Blues, oranges and yellows are a perfect match on the color wheel - art is a big part of my life which is also why styling and putting outfits together is a huge passion of mine. It lets me create and push out my aesthetic on the line. I love, love piecing things to make them look pretty and eye catching. Although this is nowhere near of being patriotic, the sky blue still puts a bit of a patriotism into it. I didn't want to be basic this year since I always wear white and red lips every 4th of July. I wanted something different and new so I can truly hit restart or in better terms, "regroup."



STYLIST TIP OF THE DAY: Don't be afraid of going outside of your comfort zone and trying something new. At the end of the day, if you love what you wear, wear it with confidence and love. Just like makeup, it's being removed and taken off anyway, so why should you even give any shits or fucks about what anyone has to say. Fashion has no boundaries. It's limitless! No one can steal that away from you.

Be BOLD and be BRIGHT every single time. You're lovely! And please, have a beautiful Wednesday! See you all very soon!

With love and light, missmaichi 💛😘