De-rendering From Negativity


You made it through a long series of inconsistencies! Welcome, I'm glad you're back. If not and you're new, it's going to be a long read today! Let's focus on ridding yourself of negative energy and filling it in with positivity. I've had a really rough week last week and been drained since then so it's been quite difficult to come back energized. Otherwise, get ready to learn something new about me and other things you probably didn't know... Majority of the factors that effects relationships and yourself is what happens inside your home. It reflects on the actions that you do or take which is why the term or phrase, "we become who we surround ourselves with" is often used. Think of it like this, your friends, family and acquaintances that are in your life right now are what you are. So, if you hang out with negative people, what does that make you? You're most likely going to consume that negative energy and embody those traits too. This is why in this day in age, it's all about vibing and connecting with those who do well for your mind, body and soul. I used to have this high school teacher who would always say, "show me your friends and I'll show you your future," and it's so accurate that there's a low percentage of those who actually make it out "alive."

And when I mean, "alive," I mean those who change - those who do something better for themselves and redirect the course of their path. It's very important to me that I'm constantly changing and growing. Changing doesn't always have to be a bad thing nor does growing. It means that you're evolving and you're becoming this better version of yourself each time you wake up.

My group of friends consistently change because I'm persistently active therefore I'm constantly in a realm of finding myself. Not to say that I haven't already done that, but there are times where I question myself why I'm even there or with these people and when you get to that stage in your life, it's a sign that you should rethink your lifestyle and those who are in it. Because of that one factor that has been happening in the many stages in my life, to say that I'm only 22, I've created a newer and improved version of myself each time. IMPORTANT TO NOTE* that the only way the new version of yourself will live on is if you kill the old one. You have to be able to be willing to break off from what you don't see yourself becoming. And this is where CREATING comes into play.

If you see yourself becoming something so much more and you know that your capable of it, what's to stop you from beginning? It's okay to let go of those "friends" because they are no longer you. They are no longer this person that you're evolving into and it's fine to leave relationships that do not feed you the type of energy you need. Every person has a different way of growing and even though it may not look the same on everyone else, it doesn't mean that they're not maturing.

BACKSTORY: I don't always tell people that a 3rd of my problems come from home. Being in a situation where one parent is constantly raining while the other one is drawing sunshine towards you gets a little bit draining. A huge factor to why a lot of my relationships have failed and explains why I am the way I am today. Growing up, we're all taught to do what we see, correct? Or, we see what others do and we mimic those actions because we think that they're "right" so, due to the fact I was around a lot of bickering and unrelated arguments that didn't benefit my mental health, it had caused me to do or say plentiful of hurtful things. I remembered being in pre-school and calling this girl a "bad word" (I cannot recall) after we disagreed about something at the playground and now being in adulthood, I still have issues with exchanging feelings in a polite manner. Not to say that I'm not like every other person with their own faults or I'm not considerate, because I am but we all are imperfect and human at the end of the day so I try not to bash myself too hard. I've managed to self sabotage plenty of good things that came my way. Although I believe that everything happens for a reason, I don't dwell too much on the what ifs and what could've been's, just because I focus now more on improving the way I take on criticism.


A lot of negative things can happen in and around your life but it's up to you how you want to react to it. Keep in mind that even though you may not react to it, you're still reacting.

"Saying nothing is still saying something."

Instead of shedding a new layer, you're creating a new one. This new layer will now become your blank canvas. This doesn't mean you get to wipe away all of those lessons and blessings that you've gained over the years, it just means that you're regrouping and reshaping what you used to know so that you can move forward and start over. There's no better time to begin than now!

So, how do we reclaim this positive aura and energy? How do we go about our day to day lives if we're constantly in this drowning environment? And how do we begin again when we don't know where to start?

For starters, let me make it clear that this journey isn't going to be easy, but it will be positive and good for your soul. Since I am very spiritual and stress the importance of staying positive at all times even when life gets tough, it's important to remember that you're going to be okay. Hang onto those words because you're going to need it every step of the way.

Declutter the old.

Let's begin with getting rid of everything that doesn't do well for your soul. Okay, I understand that not everything can be thrown and tossed away or removed. Especially in the circumstances that one can be in if their situation is like mine and that is living in a negative environment. This page is a little different now that I no longer am tied to someone who joined my take on life as I opened my wings to reach the horizons, but consuming yourself into the things you love, whether it be reading a book or going to a run, whatever it is, can take a bit of an ease off. Just know that whatever it is that you love to do, let yourself be thrown into it. Even if it means doing a stay-cation (traveling in the same state for a day or weekend) because you're refreshing your mind from the chaotic events and people who are drowning you of your energy. It's not a distraction, rather it's a healthy and positive action you're taking to better/freshen your mindset.


If you want to be an astronaut and you're around business people, how will you learn about the stars and planets? Surround yourself around those that you want to be.

Refill with positive energy.

Secondly, eating and consuming foods can help enhance the brain stimulation which can also go into exercising/working out. From doing research for my communications class in the spring semester, some of these groups of fruits/food can help you:

  • Banana - containing tryptophan, a brain chemical that helps regulate mood
  • Berries - chemical similarity to valproic acid, similar to mood stabilizing drug
  • Salmon - contains omega-3 fatty acids which improve mood and fight depression
  • Spinach - contains folic acid which alleviates depression and reduces fatigue
  • Oranges - increases collagen (your appearances plays a roll in the way you see yourself)
  • Green Tea - increase the brain's supply of two mood-boosting chemicals, serotonin and dopamine
  • Eggs - boosts memory since it contains high choline
  • Tomatoes - contains lycopene which protects your brain and fights off depression
  • Canola oil - contains omega-3, again helps elevate and improves your mood

Another reason why I make smoothies every other week because I don't always consume these on a day to day basis so it helps to make sure that I'm consuming all of the fruits and vegetables I wasn't able to do in the week.

Working out releases happy chemicals into your brain, no brainer right? 😉 It increases the brain's dopamine production so do some cardio! It also plays a role in your stress level, all that negative energy can cause you a good plate of worry and making ends meet which can cause you a headache full of stress so because you're exercising, you're subjecting yourself to a low-level stress by getting your heart rate pumping which triggers a burst of hormonal changes. No doubt in mind working out energizes you. We all get super tired from all the constant life problems and hits we tend to take from left to right so next time, instead of choosing to sleep or sit down, get your butt up and force yourself to work out. Again, as I mentioned before, about the oranges, working out can boost your confidence! The more you focus on your goal, the body you're wanting, the easier and more motivated you're willing to become and happier you'll be once you start seeing the progress working. Because I suffer from anxiety, as we all know, it will also help ease that problem away too alongside with insomnia.

Motivation! Finish Line.

Lastly, stay committed. This will teach you self disciple. If you can't get away from home, be your own home! Be your own root to leading a positive life. Others can always change their environment and friends but if you can't, change your habits! How else will you see any progress? You can't expect a different outcome if you keep doing the same thing. Work and see life at a different angle. Whatever it is that you choose to do, do it with passion and don't give up! Make sure it's always beneficial.

Until then, always shoot forward, my friends! Mind, body and soul.

Sending positive vibes your way, missmaichi 💛