My Experience with LumiTea (30 Day Bloating Detox)

Struggling to find happiness and self-confidence within myself, I started to reach back to my inner self to find balance. Without balance and self-discipline, life gets a little crazy for me. I was going through a rough patch with my self-image and social media worsened the issue. I tried to not let it affect me as much considering that I kept majority of my personal life separate from my social media. I continued to bury myself in work all last year so that I could live the life I wanted which also paid for a lot of my trips and food. No regret there. Sure, I missed out on a lot of cool events and family outings but I took 1/3rd of my free time that I did have for self-care. Slowly though, I started to coast through many voided feelings that I finally tried to use a more resourceful method to resolve it which was trying to attain a healthy lifestyle again. Of course, both mentally and physically, I knew I wanted to nourish myself. First and foremost, it brought me back to 2014 were I started to choose health as a part of my diet living. I brought back that familiarity into play so I could start becoming more active into obtaining and achieving happiness.

With everything though, comes research and with research it gave me more insight, inspiration and motivation. If it was this easy, then all I had to do was change my mindset. Apart of my struggles was with myself image and I was consistently telling myself that I wasn't good enough or that my body wasn't up to society. I wasn't skinny or slim and toned enough for anyone. The struggle of self-love was real and when that happens, you struggle to love others too. Not to say that it's always the case because you can still love other people without loving yourself. Me, being a prime example.

I was weighing in at 110 for a 5'4" girl which still wasn't good (in my head at least). I basically trained myself to intake minimal proportions of food which kept me steady at the same weight for quite some time. Cutting out all sugar such as soda and sweetened teas helped too. I substituted that for water or homemade organic fruit smoothies. Finally, midway through 2015, I told myself that I didn't want to be so strict upon what I ate and I learned to appreciate the taste of quality food therefore I progressively gained 10lbs. In 2016, I weighed in at 120lbs, I guess you could say that I was finally at a "healthy weight" regarding to the height and weight chart. A lot of people always told me that I was "skinny" but I would consider myself "curvy." My body frame is thinner in the mid-section but heavier below and my shoulders are a wider. Not to say that I wasn't enjoying my food and who I was because I was, I just learned to thoroughly enjoy the essence of quality.

Regarding the taste, I soon began to lose sight of staying healthy. I started to spiral through a bad habit of not eating or drinking enough water. I substituted for lemonade and hamburgers which affected my stool heavily. Too much acidic and not enough nutrients can take a toll your bowel system. I became very bloated for quite some time which made me more irritable than I had already been from the stress and no sleep but luckily one day as I was scrolling through my Instagram and found LumiTea.

IMG_2626 LumiTea is a wellness tea company with 6 different loose-leaf tea blends on a mission to elevate your healthy lifestyle! Amazing, isn’t it? Wait until you try it.

I’m sure everyone’s veins were filled with coffee. Black, no creamer. Mine were filled with green/black tea which boosted my happiness then soon later, coffee flooded its way in then I stopped all of it completely. As I mentioned in my previous post, green tea increases the brain’s supply of two mood-boosting chemicals, serotonin and dopamine which you can read more under De-rendering From Negativity. Another reason why teas can be good for you! Especially if you’re not much of a tea person, hope this can help you reconsider your decisions.


Because I completely drained myself from work and had withdrawals from coffee, I hopped back on and got my usual vanilla spice latte and headed out to work. I normally didn’t have time to eat breakfast or workout so I went ahead and ordered myself the Bloating Detox which contained both Skinny and Colon.

The tea’s purpose is to help you:

  • cleanse
  • relive your tummy
  • lose weight (yes! what I need)
  • reduce bloating (another yes for the go!)
  • rid yourself of constipation (so me)
  • gain energy
  • reduce cravings
  • reset your immune system naturally

If these did not sound like what I needed, then I don’t know what did!


I finally received it in the mail! I ordered it with the tea infuser, a reusable tea bag where you put your loose leaf in and that came in handy especially if this is your first time using loose leaf. The tea infuser is made from silicone, BPA free, and comes in 6 different colors. It’s very easy to wash so you don’t have to fuss and worry about cleaning if you hate cleaning.

The Skinny blend contained:

  • organic oolong
  • organic ginger root
  • yerba mate
  • organic dandelion leaf
  • lemon fruit
  • gynostemia
  • organic lotus leaf

This blend helps reduce hunger, give long lasting energy, increase metabolism, block fat absorption, and detoxify the liver. The Skinny tea substituted my coffee in the morning and since it was caffeinated, it helped my hunger ware off and I became about 10xs more energized than I normally was. I was ready and wired to take on the day!

I would normally just prep it with hot water in the early mornings when I woke up then let it sit and stew for about 5mins before consuming it. The taste wasn’t out of its ordinary taste and if you’ve had dandelion tea before then that’s what it would remind you of which isn’t bad at all. It’s an acquired taste to those of you who don’t like tea but eventually you will get used to it. I used to work 80+ hours biweekly, so you could imagine how tired I was. It was constant back to back and when I had the free time, I would just pig out which is why I gained such a bad habit and my weight increased a hell lot. With the Skinny tea, it balanced my food intake way more than I had initially imagined it would. I began to crave less and food wasn’t even a thought in my head. I was impressed!

When we talk about happiness, it correlates to your inner self, what makes you happy and feeds your soul. It also starts with what you consume, physically. Like I mentioned earlier with obtaining a healthy diet to debloat from all the calorie intake, the Colon blend helped me attain the stress my stomach was actively having.

The Colon blend contained:

  • organic senna leaf
  • organic hawthorn berry
  • organic lotus leaf
  • lemon fruit
  • psyllium husk seed
  • phaseolus calcareous seed
  • organic licorice root
  • poria cocos stem nark
  • valerian root

And its purpose was to detoxify and cleanse the colon, promote digestion and blood circulation, block fat absorption, aid constipation, and reduce water retention. I followed up the Skinny blend with the Colon blend which helped me reduce a lot of my excess weight and fat. Because it helped me go to the bathroom easier and quicker, I felt less irritable when I felt the need to use the stall. My stool was going smoothly again and life was back to normal. The Colon blend bettered my digestive system all around. I wasn’t constipated as much as I was before and wasn’t complaining about how bloated I would feel.


Overall, I’m very happy to have made this purchase. LumiTea has helped me feel more comfortable about being in my own skin and since then I’ve lost 5lbs pounds and incorporated the gym to help shed more weight off. If you guys saw it roaming around Instagram or are figuring out a way to take a step to feeling happier and healthier, check them out and give it a try! I also have a coupon code for you guys, enter MAICHI at checkout for 20% off your purchase! ENJOY! I promise you, you’ll love it.

Hope you guys found something useful from this and I'll see you guys in my next post. May the rest of your week give you clarity and luck! We're almost in AUGUST! AHH crazy!

Much love, missmaichi xx💛