Saving Stripes

Can someone please give me a day where I don't wear stripes and light washed blue? Please! Help me! It's by far my most obsessed things in the world. Whatever it may be, whether it be a mug or painting, it must be stripped and it must be a pastel blue. And most importantly, I must be happy... Welcome back though! I'm glad you're here! Happy Friday! I hope you're all doing magnificent because we're hours away from the freakin' weekend! Hooray! 🎉

We count and mark each time the sun comes up then suddenly, like tally marks, they start looking like stripes, somewhere between evenness and crookedness. And those stripes marks the days I've lived, survived and struggled but most importantly they are the days that I've managed to make; the days I've managed to call my own and the numbers to my life. I've lived for 22 years now and in days, that's about 8030 days and more some. Do you know how crazy that is? 8 thousand, 8 freakin' thousand days that I've kept on and not a single day that I've ended it with my own hands or others. I'm very proud of myself and how far I've come. I'm very proud of you too, reader because if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be able to keep doing what I am now. I wouldn't be able to reach your heart and eyes to see, feel and express. Just to touch your mind for a day and make you feel better, gain some knowledge, insight or whatever it may be that you get from reading this, I am glad that you are continuously coming back for more!

Today, we are focusing on ✨collaborations, congratulations, and celebrations✨. THE MOST IMPORTANT C's to lead a positive, happy and successful life.



I've been putting my energy towards more positive outlets that bring joy to my soul. I've told myself to stay productive so that I can focus and keep my mind away from all the negative vibes/people. I was spreading myself so thin before and was too willing to give every part of me to others who weren't really appreciating me so I decided that I needed a change. I've welcomed back some good friends who are goal-oriented and serving a wholesome purpose to my life. I can't even thank them enough for being there for me after my break up and now for "my glow." My family, always.

Be A P P R E C I A T I V E.

I'm currently counting down the end of July and mentally preparing myself for August. Why? You may ask, is because summer is coming to an\ end and school will be back in session. Not just that though, I'll be jammed packed with events up until I begin my class and even after. I've been needing this busyness and productiveness for quite some time. I've partied myself all out and now I'm ready to kick some ass!

So lately, I've been kicking my feet up in the air and listening to a good amount of country music. You have no idea how life changing that genre is.



TOP: OLD NAVY / BOTTOMS: H&M / FOOTWEAR: Forever 21 / ACCESSORIES: The 5th, H&M, Forever 21

📢 ALERT: These heels are on sale now! I'm just as obsessed as you are with them! (Hoover over FOOTWEAR)

I've been shot with light! Passion and motivation. I feel extremely great! To be honest, I was struggling to get here for such a long time that I don't really remember feeling sad. And now, I'm questioning myself if I should hold on or let go but I know that the quicker I do, the sooner I will reach happiness again. I can't even count the days where I sat in the shower crying and asking the universe for some good because damn, I am blessed. All the hurt was worth it. Always learn to love your scars, lessons, and people who shaped or molded your life. Trust me, without them, you would not be who you are as of today. Embrace. 

I'm continuing to collaborate with newer faces that drives my inspiration which is a great thing. Soon after, I've congratulated those who supported me and others whose stories have been motivating me to keep pacing and chasing sunlight. And lastly, I've celebrated! I've learn to take each day as they come and even though I've lost some people along the way, I now know to maintain my priorities, which is myself.

👖 JEANS! Okay, let's break this down. A lot of you guys have been envying these pair of boyfriend jeans and I used to hate these! So badly that I would dread them and felt like I wasted money, but here I am, a year later using them. My closet is full of unworn clothes but I seriously favor so many items that I don't even bother touching the new pieces.

GUIDE TO JEANS? Look at yourself in the mirror. Are you short like me with shorter legs? Best trick in the book is get high waisted pairs because they'll accentuate your legs. Wearing low waisted jeans won't do any justice for you at all, it'll only make you look shorter than you already are and that's not the goal here. MATERIAL WISE? Yes, I wear boyfriend jeans for a reason because they're stretchy and breathable. Ripped jeans! Probably half of my jeans are destroyed but I like to live in easy distressed clothing and the upside is, it adds edge so if I were you, I'd probably do the same. You asked? I gave. People struggle to find jeans a lot and I used to have that problem but I love H&M jeans for a purpose. They offer waist options, color, texture and design plus they're really affordable. If you shop smart, you'll save and find everything. That's key here... I buy jeans from everywhere though so don't get too stuck on one brand. If you find one that you love and feel comfortable in, by all means, go for it! Style has no rules.

High strung on happiness, love and laughter these days... maybe I've gone a little crazy on shopping AHEM, I MEAN, bargaining so that's what's causing this sporadic sensation. It's very important to do this if you want to expand your closet like mine. In the next couple of posts, I'll teach you all about that and options you can choose rather than taking high end brands all the time! Keep saving your stripes to acknowledge the good and bad times in your life to stay thankful. Until next time...

(This outfit was inspired by the word BALANCE. Slowly progressing my way through by adding each layer with the color white. Art.. you know? As my colors flow thoroughly from blues, to light blues, to greys and black. It continuously adds either white or black to steepen or heighten the colors.)


Have a beautiful weekend darling, see you soon! And remember, 3 C's! Collaborate, Congratulate, and Celebrate!

Warmest of wishes, missmaichi😘💛