Daydreaming in Wonderland

We made it! We made it through July and here we are, in August, the hottest and driest month for California and busiest transition for me. I cannot believe we only have 4 months left until the year is over. I couldn’t even picture my life getting this far and I’m so grateful for all the endless blessings that has occurred over the past couple of months.I’ve been blowing up like crazy as it seems. I’m very proud of where I am and even though there are still plenty for me to work on and get through, I’m productively pushing myself to get there. Wanting more has never been a bad thing in my eyes and when you stop chasing, that’s when you stop living. So, let's catch up! What's your plans for this month? And what does support mean to you?

I think we’ve made it clear that I went to the state fair over the weekend. Never have I been this childish in my life. I mean, my heart is still young and childlike so I was screaming and prancing around like I was 12 and yet everyone knew I was old enough to drink because the cup in my hand. I get extremely excited and happy about these things. I enjoy carnivals and seeing all the fun games and rides especially at night. I haven’t felt that high and loved for a while. It made me feel like I was in la la land for a quick moment. I guess I shouldn’t say that because I have a handful of people who are in my corner that supports me endlessly… which I will talk about in a bit.

Though, me acting like a 12-year-old girl at the fair didn’t stop me from screaming on all the rides I’ve gone to, I’m proud that I went on the mini rollercoasters. Mind you, I HATE ROLLERCOASTERS and I FEAR HEIGHTS! I felt carefree and let go of my adult self to enjoy my time with my family. I don’t believe that growing up should stop all the fun, I know that there are times you must put on the hat and act responsibly if you want to get things done and moving for your life. That day... just wasn't it.

As we all know that I’m just like everyone, a normal everyday citizen who goes to work, hangs out with her family and friends, and stresses about daily minimal problems, I am no different than you. As, if right? We all believe our problems are the biggest thing in the entire universe when there’s real life difficulties in other parts of the country. We’re a decimal on average if anything, negative on encountering real life scenarios unless we’ve got into a collision and died fatally but you know… We’re here, complaining about how slow people are driving during traffic when in Mexico City it’s known for the craziest traffic ever. Think about it. I think that’s why I also don’t try to compare or contrast my mishaps with other people because everyone’s going through something regardless of how happy they seem to be looking on the outside. POINT IS: Enjoy your life, your days, and your youth every second you breathe.

I always stress how important it is to appreciate everything and life itself because honestly, no one really knows when their last day will be their last.

I’ve learned that my family, especially my brothers are very protective and caring for my well-being. As if this year hasn’t proven anything already, my life has drastically changed for the better. I’ve been shown more of a wild and vivid side from them which keeps me in lined. I’m somewhat if not irresponsible and terrible with my finances. My actions are very passionate and in any situation, I will do whatever it takes to get whatever it is that I want so you can see why the worrisome comes into play. Although, now, more than ever, I’ve learned that I’ve given myself to too many people who are unappreciative and inconsiderate of what I do. Everything must be reciprocated, no matter what. Balance is key here.

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Here comes the support! I know that there are many people who watch what I do and live vicariously through my social media outlets BUT they don’t truly and honestly support me in the way they think they do. When you support a person, you share, you diffuse, scatter, whatever it is, you give to others. And by doing that, it becomes stronger because you're now helping me spread my words and tips to others who may need it or would like to check something new out. So, what's real support? REAL SUPPORT is what I mentioned, by helping others spread their passion in ways that can hit a core in others day to day lives. By supporting each other, we can grow, and when we grow, we can succeed and with success, you will be able to continuously disperse light.

I have an attitude of a rich lady who flaunts her happiness and love unintentionally. KEYWORD, unintentionally. I never really had good outcomes with a lot of my projects in life so whenever something good happens, I showoff, I flaunt but in the most minimalist way ever. But because I know the struggle, I want to inspire others to know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and there is success. My only purpose is to let others know that if you want it bad enough, you can get it. You can achieve whatever it is that you put your mind to and it is possible. It’s not about competition. It’s never been. People believe that I've never gone through hardships in my life, but I have. I just choose to not show you. I’m a very humble person though and I don’t ever forget to showcase those who have helped me climb this latter.

In those differences, I am flattered for those whose kept with me through and through. Lord knows how much I’ve been struggling to keep sane and others who has distributed my photos, blog posts, YouTube day to day life videos, thank you. Everyone plays a special role in my life regardless of how little or big it is. Of course, like every other person in this world, we give our attention and time to certain individuals a bit more than our other friends but it doesn't mean that equality isn’t included. I treat people the way they treat me and sometimes, I do more in hopes that they could see that I do it out of love and respect. Give a bit more to gain more. It’s as simple as that. Again, collaboration. Never forget to thank the person who fed you. I'm very keen in paying back the other person.

I think we all can agree by now that I enjoy spots that I can take photos at. Majority of my friends who know me best know that when they take me somewhere or show me a spot, it must be IG WORTHY! Jokes, but seriously, I enjoy creating memories and remembering places that I've gone to. I think by this time though, my sister was done with me and my photos.

I haven't seen live animals in probably a decade so they were so majestic to me. I was a bit afraid and felt weird because I haven't been to the zoo in years! Ever since we left the city, nothing's been the same. My lifestyle has changed a bit, I mean, I still love exploring but it's definitely not identical. I've been at my utmost occupied position I've ever been and I'm proud especially because it's towards something I enjoy, love. I was unproductive in the last couple of months so to jump right back into work and is able to put my mind and creativity to use feels breathtaking. You have no idea! Therefore, this weekend was needed. I had projects that I needed to tend to and tried cramming it all in before the deadline then I thought about the fall semester... everything just went to collateral damage. My mind went on miles of how wrecked my life was going to become but I remembered, I just needed to breathe and take one day at a time.

Highlight to end my July with. Family, fun, and finessing life. Now, August, you're going to be a full ride. Back to school I go! Adjusting to balance and making time for the upcoming projects that I'm wanting/needing to start. My family, my everything, my all and who I am today, thank you. I hope one day I will be able to show you what you've all done for me and give back what you've given me. THIS IS ALL BUT A DREAM.

August, at last, will this be the month you reverse your life for the better. USE YOUR TIME WISELY and PLEASE PLEASE, take some time out of your day to enjoy those who are dear to your heart. STAY SAFE OUT THERE! 😘 xoxo

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Le lovely,