Wind in My Hair, Love in The Air

And I'm baack! With the 90 degrees weather and missing the 67 degrees air. I'm dying to relive those past few days being in the city! From roaming around the streets to going back to the resort as if I lived there. It'd be a dream of mine to be an editor for a fashion magazine in a big city with an amazing apartment and the love of my life by my side. DREAMIN'! I'm somewhere between antsy and ready. Happy Friday, again! It's been a good week since we've last talked and sadly, I haven't been reading any books lately. Although I haven't been setting my eyes on books, I've been reading a hell lot of passages that encourages a new perspective to life. This one especially, "let go and let god... You could let go of anxiety, but don't let go of your will. Remain positive, and everything will fall into place." You may or may not believe in God but I'm sure you all can apply that to your current lives. No matter how old or young you are, we all worry and fear how our future will turn out. For example, myself. I'm persistently overthinking everything regardless of how little or big the situation is and I can't help it because I'm a planner. And with being a planner, it can be a cursing and blessing at the same time. I preplan the plan so if one thing doesn't go right then nothing will. I'm relearning to let go and just go with the flow.


Just like these past three days. I've spent them away from home and fell in love with the city again. I found a new level of respect for San Francisco from the last time I've been there. Walking the streets gave me relief and for some odd reason, I felt like I lived there as if it was second nature to me. It's probably because I do that now, but in midtown Sac. I feel like I haven't been escaping from the city at all considering that I was raised in one and currently living in another. Every city has their perks and downfalls so I can't complain. San Francisco's hills are horrific. San Diego's suburban areas has the same problems. And Sacramento.. it's way too small nowadays. As you can see, I talk and mingle with a diverse group of people. Funny to say, friends I forgot that lived in the city messaged me to hang out but I just didn't have the time to. I will for sure have to go again and catch up over a cup a coffee.

I'm so happy for today's technology! Without LYFT, I don't think we would've managed. I mean, we were near Union Square, plenty of food and drinks but... if we wanted to go outside of the city, it'd be a mess to drive out then come back. What better placement could this resort be in? My favorite thing to do in each city or town when I visit is to explore especially with food and sceneries.

TOP: Target / BOTTOMS: Charlotte Russe / FOOTWEAR: Forever 21 / ACCESSORIES: Francesca's, Ani and Alex

Knowing that I was going to be walking a hell lot, I decided to keep things casual and easy. You know me! By now at least. I threw on a boyfriend sized flannel that I found at Target AKA my second home and some boots I've owned since forever. We are transitioning into fall pretty soon so why not test out the perfect fall attire now!? 35 days and counting! With two of my most fav things to wear on a day to day basis, I was in utter happiness! This outfit is so me. If it's oversized and distressed, I'm there!

I didn't think it'd be sunny since I have the most terrible timing when I'm visiting. Normally, it'd be gloomy or freezing and fortunately, we were blessed with good weather and enough sun to warm us up. I came prepared!


OKAY! We all know that I've been wanting to brunch at PLOW for a minute now... SO! FINALLY! I DID IT! It was amazing! Everything in this little spot was so me. It was calling my name and the aesthetic, again, so me! I mean, perfect outfit, perfect place! What else could go right!? From the glass cups to the wooden table and decor, I just couldn't. Then after, we roamed to a small little garden near the highway ramp. We were out of the city so it felt somewhat sketch but why not just enjoy the moment for what it is than what it was.

I've been graciously told that I have a good eye for photography, specifically for people and portraits. I love capturing sunlight and nature together so when I saw the garden, it was the perfect opportunity to shoot!

I, for one, hate being photographed. When I was younger, I loved it. I would make silly faces and be the first to take a photo but now that I've gotten older, I've shied away from the lenses and now stay behind them.


Before I forget, let's also talk about the cute little diner that was one block away from where we stayed. It reminded me of a diner in Sacramento, Rick's (known for their dessert) but instead this was an actual diner with burgers and breakfast, opened 24/7! Way to feed your hunger right? I loved it. I've always adored vintage things and retro vibes since I could remember. My brother would always see places when we'd travel and tell me that it'd be me. It's crazy that nowadays, my close friends voice the same things to me when they spot places that call me. I find that so sweet!

As a full day, I think I can say that I'm all boba'ed out! Wait... Who am I kidding!? I can never get enough! I'm Asian! Joking, I actually know some who dislike boba which makes me feel some type of way but who's judging!? Everyone has their preferences and texture tastes.

I can't believe I already start my classes on Monday! I'm a bit stressed if we're being honest here... my excitement for Fall semester isn't crazy but my eagerness for this weekends movie night with some old friends is out of the roof! Again, this is my do over so I pray and hope that this time around will be different. I will make this different and better. I'm trying to stay focused and motivated for my future. Silly to say that but sometimes people get overwhelmed with life's tragedies that it makes them quit. Not necessarily quit, but a major break that is necessary for their soul. We overwork ourselves too much and forget that life is happening right here, right now so we don't truly get to enjoy and appreciate people. Let's not forget. Let's spread love, choose love and consume love.


Keep the air clean and love the air you inhale.

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Thank you, San Francisco for giving me good vibes, food, and diversity. My journey, self journey to confidence and happiness is on its way.

Love you all! xx missmaichi