A Little Blue and A Little Bit of You

I meant, the water, silly. Welcome back! Can you believe it! It's been another week already! School's back in session and I haven't had the time to juggle between here, work, school, social life, and projects that I have going on, on the side. I'm trying my best though, so it's not going too bad on my end. I decided that since last week was truly and solely dedicated to work and school, I took the weekend to enjoy Tahoe and of course, the course! The TREETOP ADVENTURE PARK! There's three courses to choose from and I chose to go to the Granlibakken one! Oh, and if you're planning to go, you should book it a day or two in advance to get the desired time slot. If they have enough equipment and you showed up earlier than your time, you may get to go earlier, like we did. This is literally what I've been talking about for about a month and a half and FINALLY, we've gone! We've conquered... well... they all did except for me because I'm afraid of heights. I made the best of what I could and I don't regret a thing. I was hesitant at first but I knew that in order for myself to get over these fears, I had to let go. They don't have to confine or define who I am so why choose to live like this?!


The course itself was not what I had expected. I mean, I knew what I was getting myself into, I just didn't know that it'd be like that. And by that, I meant the shortness of the courses. It was exhilarating especially when we'd zip line at the end of the climbs! They all had a weight limit and we grouped with multiple of other individuals which took a lot of our time to actually finish each one. Being about 50 feet in the air tested my anxiety but knowing that I was in control eased everything.

If you're a student or low on income but want to travel and do fun activities, you should really look into #staycations! Meaning that you're not too far or too close from home and you're away for the weekend or days. I know it may not sound too intriguing but honestly, it's by far the greatest thing I've done after my vacation in 2015, Mexico City. I started to leave town more often and since I couldn't spend any more money considering my bills started to pile up plus the responsibilities I had added on to my plate, I started to build/find more convenient ways for myself to explore/travel more often. That's when my spring and summer even winter at times became a travel season due to the fact that I would get out of town for a few days or two and even one so that I could freshen up my mindset. 

I've never really liked to stay in one spot for too long because again, being comfortable doesn't promote growth. And again, nothing is wrong with being comfortable. We all have our own view points to life anyway. Wherever you are, there's always undiscovered happiness awaiting you! 

Couldn't get as much photos as I wanted but watch out for the video (it's going to take some time for it to be up)! I've had so many cool experiences in my life and this definitely has to be added to it! If I could explore and travel for a living, I'd be set with life. It brings a different type of high and extreme happiness when I'm out venturing. And most of all, I have to be near water but in some cases, if I'm roaming the streets, I'm perfectly okay with that too. I love cities but I also love secluded nature walks.

Because of my open-mindedness, I've met and connected with so many people from all walks of life. It has treasured me with life lessons and positive vibes. I believe that everyone has something to teach or you've got something to learn therefore I don't necessarily say no.

After the many zip linings and walking on wire rope, we've sweated out all of our exhaustion and changed so we could head out to the beach. I missed being in Tahoe and I haven't gone this summer so, thankfully for this day, it happened. Besides, I wanted to get out of Sacramento because of the 100+ degrees.

We decided to head on over to Taylor Creek!


BATHING SUIT: Forever 21 / SUNGLASSES: Urban Outfitters

Ps. Our beach neighbors were watching me while I was getting my pictures taken and she recommended me get her dogs in the photos which I adored. I miss having dogs around and they've helped coped with my personality when I was younger so when she insisted, I was like, heck yes!

The water has risen since the last time my brother has gone so there wasn't much room or space for people to lay their beach towels. We decided to stay for an hour or so while me, being like a child, headed into the cold, serene water. Tahoe's water is always blue and clear and I think that's why it attracts so many people around the world to come. When we drove passed Emerald Bay, it was packed and it felt like I was in San Francisco again. Normally when we go, we don't see tourists but it was the weekend so what else were we supposed to expect!?

I loved the steps going down to the sand and since the staircase railing was a Tiffany blue color, it made the experience that much more dreamy. The waves pushing against one another and the beautiful moutains across the water gave me life. I was at peace and that was my main and only focus.



Some of you may not know this, but I swear by 3 L's and now 4! You live, you love, laugh and most importantly, you learn. I've only added the last L just this year and I've never been more proud of myself. My motto hasn't changed since and I don't think I could ever be more truer to my way of life.

Living means you have to feel, you have to remember that it's in the moment not what's coming tomorrow. And when you live, you love what's right in front of you and everything that surrounds you. Of course, with love, there comes laughter, fun times and unexpecting actions to be made. Lastly, mistakes happen when you're living and to live is to learn. Regardless of what you do and how you do it, life is meant to be lived. It's for the living, not the dead. So, the next time you think about "what's life" or "what should I do with the rest of my life," you should think about all of the things that make you happy and feel passionate about even if it's about yourself, you should still pursue to make you, a better version than what you were today. Be a better you, everyday. 


Each lifestyle choices to their own. You choose what you want to experience and your limits are your own. Do everything at your own will. Even if it means letting go of good things and people in your life because sometimes, those things and people aren't really meant for you. You are in control.

I've learned that our minds are the most powerful thing compared to muscles. We live in our heads a little bit too much but if you manage and learn to use it, you can be the most powerful person ever. Good things don't work on its own, you have to be able to utilize it in order for it run and cycle its way through. I was a bit too caught up into the smaller details and understood that the farther I stepped out, the clearer I could see the picture. I did. I remembered how much I lost myself in 2016 trying to keep someone who didn't want to be kept and as they say, you can't force someone to love you even if you love them.

No one deserves me more than myself.

I am happy single. I am happy with myself. I am happy with my family, friends and life. Some people consistently want to be in relationships to feel secure and stable, but if you don't do that for yourself first, then you can't expect that from someone else.


Keep chasing your passion. Keep living the life you've always wanted. Make it yours. Don't let road bumps stop you from pursuing and reaching your open ended opportunities. You make your life. If you can envision it, you can do it.


Don't let fear stop you.

Stay tuned for the next post! Collabing with a blogger from San Francisco! DAY TO NIGHT WEAR! Have a beautiful day!