Day to Night Look ft. Junelle M.

Are you ever in a rush and don't have time to change your entire outfit? Yeah, that's me too! We all don't have enough time in the day to consistently go in and out of our closets to change so we adjust our accessories and shoes to dress up or down our outfits. Welcome new readers and old ones! I like to thank you all for being so kind and showing support on my last post! That means so much to me, even the slightest of time still affects how I feel. I'm pretty sure you've all been doing amazing! I've had some extra time in between my days to bring you... Wednesday Wears!

I've collaborated with a fashionista on instagram, Junelle M whose style ranges from casual to feminine. Oh, and don't forget to check her instagram and blog out! Let's get to it!

Day Look:

TOP: Francesca's / BOTTOMS: H&M / FOOTWEAR: Forever 21 / ACCESSORIES: Urban Outfitters, Charming Charlie, Alex and Ani

I threw on something easy. I'm in Sacramento and the weather's been extremely warm if anything very humid. I'm surprised at myself for even wearing black and surviving! I love onesies especially if they're a cute top! Off the shoulder has yet to die in fashion so I decided to pair it with my ripped shorts with my sneakers. It's an easy look for an everyday wear and school considering I did have class today.

My style consists of easy and effortless. I'm a very comfortable type of person and sometimes, I can be a bit detailed oriented but most of the time, I'm your plain Jane... My theory is that if I own too many patters, I'd be seen wearing the same thing and I hate that so I avoid it as much as I can. I pick solids and plains on purpose so I can wear them on multiple of occasions and style them any way I'd like. I play it up with different accessories in order for myself to feel... less plain.

Day To Night Collab (Day3)
Day To Night Collab (Day3)

TOP: Burlington Coat Factory / BOTTOMS: American Eagle Outfitters / FOOTWEAR: Soludos / ACCESSORIES: Nordstrom, Alice and Olivia

I love how she finished off her outfit with a hat. Absolutely trendy! As you can see, we're not too far apart from our styles but she's a bit more feminine than I am. Her top is her statement piece whilst everything else is casual. She's from San Francisco so clearly, there's a difference in our looks. The weather is on completely two different spectrums! If I wore what she did in my city, I'd probably sweat and regret what I wore. Doesn't she look lovely!?

Night Look:

FOOTWEAR: Forever 21 / BAG: Urban Outfitters / ACCESSORIES: Zara

As far as a night look goes, I tend to run really late on any occasion I attend even if it was super late with no traffic, I'd still be 20mins behind. I'm just that type of person and my time management sucks so that also plays apart of why I come fashionably late!

Usually if I know that I'm going somewhere after work or class, I bring extra shoes and accessories. Like for instance, I'm going to Khalid's concert Thursday and before that, I have work than class right after so I wouldn't have the time to go home and change entirely unless I brought extra clothes but that's a bit excessive for me... Depends. These heels are the exact same ones in my Saving Stripes post but in black. I love these so much and like I said, anything that's western or boho is all me.

Compared to my tote earlier, I switched it out for a side bag, something smaller and easier to carry around the night. I threw my hair up because sometimes, during a busy, long day, my hair can get a tad bit frizzy so why not save myself by a high pony and face framing layers. I added the bandana to my neck for a little extra something just to make my outfit look less plain and the pop of white gave it some life! The red lips helped it out as well.


Can you believe how cool that is? She sewn her own kimono! I adore that! If I had the effort and time to learn how to sew, I would totally do it. She threw on some heels, changed her top and switched out her accessories but kept the same jeans on. Very girly and feminine, again, perfect for dinner with your girl friends, heck maybe even your man! By throwing her hair back, it added a fresh feeling and that's what we all need after a long day! Her style stayed very consistent.

So, if it's that easy for us to do it, YOU CAN TOO! Hope you took something away from this. I love, love collabing with fashionista/os from all over! When someone shares the same passion as mine, I feel immensely inclined to grab them and pick their brains apart.

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Till next time loves, I'll catch you all up on the past couple of weeks and what's changing with me! Have a great rest of your week!😘

Xo, missmaichi 💛