Girls Bite Back!

With a little twist and sass. Independence has been the name of the game lately, so, I'm taking back what's rightfully mine and that is, my confidence. I swear it just seems like yesterday where I was in Nordstrom Rack with one my girl friends picking through sandals and look at us, we're at the end of summer and not once have I worn any gladiator sandals this year. I'm so glad that I didn't buy any back in November because, boy, that would've been another clutter of boxes in my room.

My closet has been consistent with new gym wear... which explains where I've been lately... YES, sleeping. I'm joking! I've been at the StairMaster sweating my life away now that I'm member at a new gym... as if my first one wasn't enough, but here I am going to different one. My closet actually consists of glam one pieces for nice dinner outings and brunches on a higher end compared to what I would normally purchase, like t's and jeans. I'm happy about it though because that gives me more of reason to dine in.

Phew! Now that, that's all out-of-the-way... Good morning chicka-peas! Welcome, welcome! And welcome to September if I haven't already said that! I hope you all are having a really awesome start to this month although I might add, the chaotic mess of this world has been draining everyone's' spirit!


TOP: Hollister, World Market / BOTTOMS: H&M / FOOTWEAR: Athena Alexander / ACCESSORIES: Mexico, H&M, Hawaii, Simplicitly Yours

It's kind of scary huh? To know that all of these hurricanes are affecting all the big cities that we know and love. I've been donating my clothes and money towards the cause and I honestly hope you've been doing something too. I've always wanted to be apart of something bigger than myself so knowing that I can do this, makes me feel somewhat better about life.

(I've been in and out of my social media outlets but feel free to follow me on my instagram and twitter if you want to stay updated in real-time.)


Oh and I bought these jeans a couple of days ago and I already ripped it more than I imagined it to be. It's because of mini golfing and being tipsy... oops. These are dupes for MOM JEANS and if you're looking for some, please head on over to H&M right now if you've been on a hunt like I have been. They're $40+ each and so comfy! THEY'RE IN SEASON! People are constantly asking me where I purchase my jeans so as a reminder, H&M.

I always think to myself, oh I'm ready for fall and then when it comes, I'm like oh crap, I have nothing to wear... I'm probably the only person who's like that and frankly, the only reason I feel that way is because I never have anything warm enough to suffice throughout the winter time. Winter comes and I struggle to find rain boots or any of that matter, heavy-duty jackets that can survive the wind and drizzle blowing against my face. I'm always struggling to find those pieces but I know that my comfort means more to me than the style once it starts pouring.

I feel like I've been sleeping all year and my birthday is almost here...

I paired these bad babies with my Hollister crop top from two summers ago and covered it up with my kimono which is from World Market, my all time favorite place to shop for cute little knick-knacks. Thanks to Simplicitly Yours, a brand on instagram, they've provided me with an awesome 20% discount code to purchase this cute silver boho choker! I've been searching for something like this for quite some time, so when I found it, I definitely took advantage of this! We all know that I love anything boho and silver when it comes to jewelry... if not, question yourself, what girl doesn't!?

Here is the link and it's called "Turkish Choker" if you're adoring it as much as I am and would like to purchase it.


These slippers! By Athena Alexander from DSW. Thankfully, to these coupons, my sister bought them for less than the actual price. This is the reason why I love, love DSW! All your brands but for a cheaper price and they always have amazing deals for their sales section. Since I'm on a shorter scale, I was so hesitant on wearing them at first because I felt weird wearing slippers. I see these tall, slender girls wearing them and killing it every single time but after wearing them a couple of times with my shorts and blouses, they've been looking decent and easy.

And you know me! Easy and quick is something I live for! Overall, if you do see me in real life, this is definitely an outfit I normally gravitate towards. High waisted jeans to give me the illusion of longer legs also it hugs my waist better, tops that are either cropped or tucked in, and a necklace being the statement piece. I used to love wearing heels but as of lately, I haven't felt the need to wear any but of course, once the sun starts dissipating from the sky, I will be throwing on those booties all day long!


On a lighter note, I haven't been as stressed as I normally would be around this time of the year. Although I do still have spurts of inconsistencies dealing with financial issues, I've been pretty good. I think the fact that I've been going to the gym, my body has been worn out which makes me feel less inclined to do anything productive... so, I've been sleeping half the time. I haven't been as proactive as I would like myself to be so I've been using school and work as an excuse to cut out time to lay around and be lazy. Nothing is wrong with it but this procrastination is killing me!

I'm back to 4 pillows now and thinking of getting white bed sheets. I'm also in the works of redecorating my room so there's that. School hasn't been crazy but re-learning math and word problems has me pulling out my hair. I haven't sat in a room with a lecture since last year and you know when you haven't been conditioning yourself to sit in class in a while, it's hard to get back in it. I'm trying to maintain my patience with my goals but my spending habits hasn't seen the light of day since last year too... meaning that I've overspent and my goals have been cut short. I've pushed back too much of my projects...

The interest of guys... off the list. I don't think I'll be able to feel any type of way towards anyone for a while. It's been off the table since my breakup and even though I've been meeting tons of new people, there's nothing really "special" or "different" sticking out of each individual that makes me scream, "you're someone I want to put effort and time in." It's hard to get your feelings back up there when they've evaporated and won't be coming in till another season or so. Besides, I'm not looking for anything right now except for some me time and bonding time with my close friends. I've noticed that I fell off with a lot of my girl friends since late of last year and I'm not complaining because we're different people now and I don't choose to be into that lifestyle anymore. I've met fashionists throughout but it's not enough to peak my interest either... maybe I've given up on trying with people or maybe all I really want is to just close in.

While I'm on this topic, when you're accepting people back into your life, don't expect them to change even if they say they have because they haven't. No one changes over night. Sure, they've tweaked or altered some things around but old habits don't die that easily. I've noticed some patterns with some people lately and I don't think I can take it any longer so I've decided that I will be cutting them off for good.

In the end, if you're tired of people giving you shit and excuses, don't take them. You lose yourself for accepting those who bullshit you. You're also lowering your standards. If they can't even meet you half way, they don't deserve to be in your life.*

Aside from sleep, I've been hanging out and attending events with friends that I haven't seen in months since summer began so to close it off with seeing them again, well, you know what that means... comfort. I've cut back on showing my life and decided that I needed a break for a bit therefore I've lagged on my posts and any stories showcasing my day-to-day activities.

Favorite genre: COUNTRY! Favorite TV shows: BITTEN, THE BLACKLIST Favorite spot for coffee: INSIGHT on 16th street


Anyhow, chow! I will be back in a couple of days! I'm re-learning to take back my life and controlling it. Please bear with me... until then, I'm living and you can't be mad.

Hope to see you guys soon and thank you for stopping by!😘

Xo, missmaichi 💛