Thanksgiving Label.


Good Monday, you beautiful people! I'm pretty sure we can all agree that we've gained about 10lbs and earned ourselves a turkey baby from all the food we've been eating this past weekend. Can you believe it!? I feel like I always say this but seriously, where has the time gone?! It's basically the end of November and we're 9 days away from my birthday! Hooray! Oh, and I hope you've all been magnificent!

It's been a busy month but what month hasn't been busy for me? My sister recently moved into her new home and can we just applaud at the fact that it was all done within the week from receiving the keys! It's been an exciting journey for them and the best part about it is that I get to sleep over which I have been for these past couple of days. It's been a slumber party every other night with my nephew and nieces which is great. It almost feels as if I live with them now because the ritual of watching movies before I sleep has now been moved over to their house. By the way, I finished The Punisher and I'm too obsessed! For those of you who don't know me, I'm a huge fan of Marvel and I would choose that over anything... well... aside from Disney but you get the point.

Otherwise, Thanksgiving has ultimately been the hour of quickness like quicksand. I can't even recall what happened to be honest. I felt like we got there, ate and slept. I hope next year will be even sweeter! POSSIBLY in our new home (fingers crossed). So, what are you thankful for? What have you been through and has anything fallen together for you this year?

Mi familia (missing the two girls and one baby monster) with a new face. Keeping track with my family and my history of things, we've replaced an old one with a new one and wishing my brother nothing but the best for his happiness/journey because I know where he was years ago so if he's happy then that's all that really matters. If you ask me, I'm thankful for another year, for the year that I've survived. From the chaotic madness I had to endure, I chose to not suffer anymore. I grieved and mourned my loss, made peace with it and now, I am choosing to move forward. It's weird to question my decision considering that this is much more healthier now but to be totally honest with myself, this decision has never made me more complacent and I'm not too sure how I should feel. Although, it's all I want to be right now, I still am aching to thrive and relieve the pain entirely. Everyday is a healing process and nothing is perfect. I still wish for the end of this hurt and some days I wake up with not a single thought in my head except for, "how did I fall asleep," and or "what the hell happened yesterday?" It's been less confusing lately and the bullshit tolerance has become nonexistent. I'm genuinely happy for myself and the progress. It still scares me to let go entirely and I know that it's not healthy nor will it benefit my future so, I'm continuing to keep going and moving forward. Learning to let go is such a pain but I know once I'm released, it'll be the best feeling. Don't get me wrong, I've felt it before... I'm trying to find the strength to leave this life behind and be of this no more.

I'm also thankful for the opportunities that I've been given this year and how amazingly my social media has grown. I set my goal each month to reach a certain number and I've successfully reached it. STILL GROWING THOUGH. My one year mark on my blog has also passed and I decided to treat myself to Capitol Floats (#TANKLIFE), mind you, I won this and I scheduled it for exactly this reason. I was quite stressed at the beginning of the month with all that has happened in October. To say the least, my anxiety is now under a rock and living there until the next big thing pops up in my life and decides to come shaking down my world. So, for now, I'm anxiety free and ready to take on the new adventures that awaits me!

Reminder that support is very important. Family is very important as they are and will be the root of your unforgiving successor. They have taught me so much about myself and the ability to keep swimming. I am nothing without their unconditional and tough love. As they continue to tear and repair us, we as individuals must learn that in order for ourselves to become successful and bear the pain that awaits us in life, we must fall apart and go through the heartache before we can become resilient and mindful. It takes experience to gain knowledge and knowledge will take you anywhere your heart proceeds to go.

As long as you have a steady foundation, you shall not fail.

This weekend rained and poured out my "I need to get work done" so, I did exactly that. I'm trying to kill this procrastination in me so that I can proceed with other projects that I have lined up. I'm just getting started! Don't forget that the most important holiday is coming up... CHRISTMAS! Yay!

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Stay safe and cozy! Until next time,