Shoes? How About FSJ Shoes?


Hello readers! Happy Saturday!😘 Welcoming this weekend with some questions and thoughts! But even maybe a wish list since the holidays are in session! I've been looking for some new heels lately and came across and I feel like this is every girls dream! Such a sweet listing! I've been watching some Youtube reviews on them and definitely would love to give it a go.

What's definitely and always will be trending (AKA my favorite regardless of trends) are lace up heels! From their website, it seems that they have both black lace up and nude lace up which are perfect because honestly, what girl doesn't need a good pair of black let alone nude heels? But if you're just looking for lace up heels in general with no specific colors then you can definitely click this link and do some scrolling!

FSJ shoes has so such a huge variety but personally, this is my section! Anything from caged to strappy and lace ups, it's all me.

Would you give FSJ shoes a go? And if so, which pair would you choose!?

See you guys in my next post!

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