Something About Change

When we think of change, we think "scary" "fear" "what if" and or "yes, I'm ready" but majority of us are afraid of what's behind those closed doors. We think that something bad is going to happen (which it does) but we can't help it. Sometimes, it's just our luck and us being there at the wrong time which doesn't mean that everything will continue to be bad, it just means that you must go through unpleasant and shitty situations for you to be rewarded with something much more fulfilling and easy. It may seem like your life is going into shambles and nothing is working out the way "it should be" but remember, the universe isn't working against you, it's working for you. Change isn't scary... only until after you learn to embrace it. You'll learn that it's replacing everything for a better cause and a better you. We're evolving and maturing every single day whether we know it or not; we're not the same people we were two or three days ago, heck, maybe even a month ago. Our mindsets, lifestyles, clothing sizes, and all those fluctuating life things alter all the time.

We ask and maybe even doubt ourselves if it's going to get better. "It can only get better from here on out, right?" The most speculated question that abruptly slithers out of our mouths without even thinking about how much more we'll receive from the loss that was taken away. Are we prone to negativity? Are we really that petrified about alterations? Maybe if we learned to adapt and adjust, things would be easier, right?

People forget that for our world to continue to keep spinning there needs to be balance and without the sun, there wouldn't be life... without water, air, and all those important factors, we wouldn't be alive. We must keep a healthy balance between everything for ourselves to hold peace. Yes, it's true... they say a little bit is bad for you and even too much can be bad for you. So, what does this mean? Balance is key. Change needs to happen.

The most important thing you must keep in mind is that when change isn't ready to happen, and mother nature didn't call for this to slip out of her hands just yet, and you are totally ready for this huge life changing turnover, everything in your life will do anything and everything to keep you there so that you can stay exactly where she wants you. I've read a lot of books and I've summarized majority of them into my own life and the biggest thing that I took away from that is when mother nature isn't a fan of your moves, she's going to bring hell into your life till you fight and continue to fight to get out, to turn the page and when you decide to walk away, you need to RUN! Run as fast and as far as you can and don't give up. She will pull and pull till you give up but if you let her win, will you be happy? Will you choose this simplicity over monstrosity? Comfort isn't meant for forever. And forever doesn't last...

Change does something to us... For the best and the worst, we shed and shed till we're happy with who and what we are. And that's why self-love is immaculate for its self-defining and ever glowing action. It continues to prove to us that it's the most important type of love that we should learn and practice because when the world changes and people turn, we are all that we have.

Make the best of what you have and continue to strive. Chase under the sun and moon. Most importantly, keep swimming. Change is coming.

Change is what keeps us alive.


Stay well, my loves.

XO, missmaichi 💛