How To Whiten Sensitive Teeth With Smile Brilliant

Where do I even begin? Aside from hello! I’ve been on a hiatus from my blog these past couple of weeks and I haven’t been totally open about what’s been happening or how I’ve been feeling. Of course, I preach about self-love and being positive but on most days, I can’t even find the energy to create content or left alone move. I’ve been busy though. With school and work, I’ve decided to emphasize those outlets a bit more since one, it’s my source of income, and two, it’s something I want to achieve for myself to benefit my future.

To aid my self-love, I’ve been heading to the gym lately and working on my body. Mentally, it’s been a journey because it’s such a bitch to get comfortable and work out without feeling like I’m being judged when I know I most likely am, but it’s been building some self-disciplinary towards my mentality. Physically, I’ve been sore and dead.

I’m working on myself, slowly so with every little thing I’ve been unhappy with, I’ve been working towards it.


Most of you know, or probably don’t know this, but I’ve always been super self-conscious about my teeth. I’ve always been hard on myself and criticized my looks because of people’s thoughts and opinions but most of all, my own. Considering that I want to feel comfortable and confident about myself, my smile is the most complimented and noticeable thing about me which people tend to mention about. I smile often and big too so there’s no hiding the fact that I am more than self-conscious about that. It’s neither too straight or too pearly white… BUT, that doesn’t go to say that I let that affect me from smiling.

They say, the best thing you can wear is your smile, right? But back to bettering myself, I thought, why not improve and enhance my smile a bit more!

I used to drink coffee every single day. Every single chance I get, I would take it and every other morning I’d drink a glass of orange juice. I used to obsess about it and couldn’t go a day without it. It was a drug and a deadly one at that. Everyone knows that coffee stains your teeth and any acidic food/drink thins out your enamels which creates sensitivity to your teeth.


How could I possibly even begin?! My teeth have been stained for quite some time now and I’ve tried my best to use whitening kits and but most of them have not been quite as effective as Smile Brilliant.


So, what is Smile Brilliant? It’s an at home teeth whitening process but within your comfort of your own home.

How brilliant is that? We love being busy, but we hate traffic, so why not instead be able to take an hour or two out of your night before you sleep and whiten your teeth?

What’s even better is that it’s way less costly than going to your dentist! Oh, and it’s not even difficult at all! The most fun part about it is when you get to mold your own teeth for your trays!

Steps!? When you first receive your kit, you’ll receive trays to create your impressions which you will soon then after let dry for 10-30 mins then send it off! A week later, you’ll receive your personal custom fitted whitening trays. They fit perfectly and amazingly without any discomfort at all.


What do you do now? Go back into your kit and start whitening! But before that, you want to brush your teeth without toothpaste and floss, so can remove the gunk to ensure that you’re getting the best use of your whitening kit. You want to now place your teeth whitening gel evenly throughout your tray to make sure that your teeth are all coated and leave it for an hour or two to guarantee that it’ll whiten better. I would do this about 2-3 times a week just because I have bad tooth sensitivity like I mentioned earlier. I would shorten up the time then go back in so if you have sensitivity as I do, you could possibly do 45 mins each day to lessen the pain.

Your teeth will start feeling a bit dry or have white patches, but not to worry, it’s normal. You’ll want to follow up with desensitizing gel. You’ll leave that in for about 15 mins and boom, you’re done and ready to hit the hay. The desensitizing gel coats over the whitening session you just did to secure that it doesn’t go anywhere which betters the process.


I never thought that I would feel happier and satisfied with my teeth and now I can confidently smile without a care in the world! Thank you, Smile Brilliant!

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Happy Whitening!😘

Much love,