Xmas Eve and Everything Inbetween


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Good morning, all! As you've might've noticed, things around here look a bit different. I switched over to SquareSpace a couple of days ago and although there's a downside to my followers over at Wordpress, I'm much more excited and happier with my layout now. It's a bit tricky to get used to but it’s all a learning curve and I'm loving it so far. I hope you are too! (If you want to stay subscribed, please subscribe with your email at the blog section.)

Can you believe it? One more day till Christmas! Merry Christmas Eve! Then, we're off to New Years! What a year this has been! What have you all been doing? Any exciting news? Changes?

This Christmas year has stressed me out a lot more than all the other years and I seriously do not feel right. My holiday spirits have died down a bit and it's saddening but I guess that's a part of growing up right? Who really knows. I know that with everything that has happened this year, it was the reason why I felt so overwhelmed, but I will be much more prepared and thrilled about these events next year.

My birthday passed on the 6th of December and I wasn't even happy. Everything was much more different, and I did stick to my words of relaxing and staying home. My grandma came to town all during that week and we were busy the entire time so there wasn't much for me to be delighted about.

Oh December, where have you gone? I seriously do feel that I woke up and half my year has been spent working and sleeping. I’m kidding, I’ve gone out a bit too much and zoomed through the entirety of my time which I don’t regret, fun times, I tell ya! I’m happy to have you here and reading, overall through my entire journey. To new readers, welcome and join me on my next couple of adventures!

I do see myself being a bit busier in 2018 and I’m so not ready for it. Each year I say that, but I end up finishing up all my goals anyways. I feel that without plans, my life takes off a bit livelier compared to when it's a bit too planned, I become too anxious and everything falls apart. I had to revisit my phase of being okay with not planning everything so much and just to live, unexpectedly, of course with some caution. Not to say that majority of my goals get achieved all the time because sometimes, they get pushed back towards the next couple of months - years that I would've liked for them to. It's no one's fault as it is the timing of things and ultimately, life just happens. 

My upcoming plans are almost here! I must get through this upcoming week and I'm off Friday to Santa Cruz, Monterrey then I head out to Disney! How crazy is that? I could only dream of this and I'm so thankful for my friends for planning this. I've always loved being plus ones and left alone enjoying their company especially if we're exploring and taking a break away from our messes for a bit.



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I've been alternating my life with some me time and dividing them with gym, work, and school. Now, that I'm on winter break, I can relax and have an actual winter break. Not to say that those previous years before wasn't like that, it was just filled with too much work and no ultimate break. By the time I head back to work in the second week of January, I'm back to school. Surprisingly, I will be taking 5 classes during Spring semester and I'm a bit nervous, but I know if I use my time wisely, I should be okay. Oh, I also have a cool collaboration in January as well with something local and I'm extremely nervous. Watch out for that!

3-day weekend and I’m sleeping away. I’m catching up on my sleep but mostly catching up on my TV shows that I’ve missed for quite some time. I am currently watching Grey’s Anatomy (loving for life) and The Blacklist. I’ve been meaning to catch up on Riverdale too and I most likely will in between those other two shows.

My anxiety has worsened over these couple of weeks and I’m not quite sure what’s been triggering it. It’s almost and likely because of how impatient I am with deadlines so I’m stressing myself out. From watching BRIGHT on Netflix, Will Smith’s line said, “Everyone is hard on you which makes you hard on yourself,” (it went something like that) and I related to that a bit too much. Unfortunately, it’s all so true. I’ve always been stressing on myself due to my perfectionism and wanting to be enough for others when I should be enough for myself (still working on that). It’s also very funny knowing that I’m now a motivational speaker to most of my acquaintances which makes me an enthusiast as well which I’m happy to be. I try my best to be positive with everything that comes my way and without a doubt, I’ve learned to live a much more balanced life that way.

My motto this year has changed almost entirely. I’m back to being very closed off and straightforward with what I want and there’s nothing wrong with that. Like I’ve been told and mentioned before, the world doesn’t owe you anything and you don’t owe anything to anyone, so keep living your life the way you should. Don’t carry on unnecessary baggage because you think it’s your responsibility. It’s not. You are in control of your life so, drive it well.  


Be a better me in 2018. Smarter, financially and mentally. I’ve exhausted myself from the unfair emotions I’ve been dealing with and I had to rebuild myself to learn that it’s okay to not be okay. It’s okay to move on and let go. It’s okay to be happy. And it’s okay to forget without forgiving because eventually, it’ll mean absolutely nothing. Some things in your life aren’t meant to be dwelled upon and you shouldn’t suffer in it because someone else blames you. Keep living your best life and always put your best foot forward. You never know what the world has in store for you!

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Le love,