How To Grow Your Instagram + Promote Yourself

Okay, okay, I've been avoiding this question for far too long. Yes, here on a whim and I'm telling you all the ins and outs of being an "influencer/blogger" on instagram and here on my blog. Of course, answering the questions of "how do you promote yourself and products?" alongside with "how do I grow?"

Firstly, always be yourself. I know, that's the most obvious but in fact, majority of the people I know in real life aren't like themselves on social media at all. It's crazy, isn't it? We all knew this though. On the virtual world, we can be and do anything we want without anyone judging us because it's super easy to click "delete" and start fresh.

I don't necessarily call myself an "influencer" or even left alone "blogger" because naturally, I'm living my life like everyone else and showcasing my lifestyle on a different scale. I think that's what makes it different between me and other people. The most popular question I get too is "do you know any of these people in real life on your instagram" and to answer that question, yes, I do. I started off simply documenting my life, from where I would travel, eat and style my outfits. My intentions of my social media weren’t to ever switch over to keep up to likes, follows, and comments. It was mainly for me to see what I did in that year and how far I've come, then, I'd start all over the next year with fresh pictures and a different mindset. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and never expected to blow up in the way that I did. I'm not saying that I'm super popular and noticeable like those big-time bloggers/influencers but my progress within this year span has been unexpected.

I’m so thankful for every one of you and my family plus friends who’ve encouraged and supported me in the little projects I’ve had. Overall, showing love towards my posts. I’m grateful and I know that I say this too many times but truly, I am, with all my heart and soul, I couldn’t have done this without y’all.


to live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.(1).png


When I say engage with other insta profiles, I mean exactly that. You should and need to be liking, commenting and following them. Don't be like those people who follow and unfollow, if you genuinely love and adore their photos/feed, then why not follow? It's not going to hurt your presentation if you have more following than followers. What I've learn is that once you start commenting on their photos, other bloggers/insta girls start to notice you and you give yourself more exposure that way as they will too, follow you and check out your profile as well. I'm not saying that happens 100% of the time but I'd say 40% of the time, it happens.



Since you've finished up step 2, you're probably wondering, what the hell are pods, right? Well, once you've hit step 2, I think by now, you should already be in one or even before these steps, you've managed to get into a support group AKA pod. It's always okay to show more love on other instas if you love their feed and normally, if they notice you, they'll show the same amount back. Sometimes, they even DM you to see if you'd like to join their pod. Luckily, if you are a bit too shy and aren't sure where to begin, with PALM, they already have a group set up just for you, so you don't have to worry about it. PODS are ultimately a blessing in disguise. It's very important to get into one as they will help grow you and spread your image into explore pages because it's being liked by so many similar followings. Also, in some cases, they do have rules but that's nothing too crazy to stop you from joining.


Considering brandings is very important. There are groups out there who'd love to have you in their "team" and be a part of their growing. It's a win-win really because they want to promote their brand and you need some support/exposure from other influencers and bloggers just like yourself. AKA, PALM who kindly invited me into their branding and it's been amazing since I've joined. Their brand represents women support women (which I love). They partner with a couple of small shops who brings us goodies with a discounted price which is amazing. As each branding has their own Facebook groups, you will soon see other groups who is also about supporting of influencers and blogger like yourself.


It can get a bit overwhelming sometimes, but don't let that discourage you from not doing it. It can also feel like a load since you are required to put some extra time and energy into it. When I mean time, I mean, you genuinely need to find an hour or two in your day to converse and stay up to date with the pods because if you don't, you will fall behind. It's very important that you are joining the "right" pods who are actively promoting you as you are with them and support you thoroughly. I'm not saying that all the pods and groups that I am in now aren't, but there will be some disagrees and mishaps happening throughout your pods. They are short-lived as majority of the gals you meet and start with won't always end up being the ones you stay with. It's all a mixer if we really put in that aspect. We meet one another through instagram, follow, collect our dues then we leave. IF for some reason you find yourself not enjoying it as much as you did before, it's a sign that you should take a leave and or break away to clear your head.

Now that instagram has updated, you can always follow HASHTAGS which will allow you to grow. REMEMBER TO HASHTAG your photos as they will add exposure to your gram. TAGS also help if you tag the correct and relatable ones. It's very important to hashtag and tag ones that speak with your photo because if they don't, it can be very misleading and we don't want that.

Aesthetic is key!


I guess, the real question now is, HOW DO I PROMOTE MYSELF? Many people are afraid to do this, and I know that for quite some time, I was a bit unsure if I should. I wasn't ready to jump ship on exposing myself in that light and if I even wanted everyone to know me like that. I was also very reserved and clearly that has changed over the past couple of years. My mindset too, has altered.

As we can see on the right, on July 28th, I promoted myself to get more exposure and visits to my blog (which I did). I know that not everyone enjoys this feature or uses it, but it's such a great and powerful tool to have.

Shameless🤷 and damn loving it too!

With promoting, it is given when you are joining groups and pods with other bloggers/influencers who are just like you. Everyone is trying to climb the latter, so you'll notice a lot of shameless self-promoting all throughout this journey. It's something you must acquire a taste for and may not be for everyone who decides to jump on this train.

Promoting yourself means you must and should share your posts all throughout your social media. That was no brainer right? But, in all truths, you should be okay and ready to promote yourself as a running ad through instagram. It'll enable you to receive more views and let others see your content if they aren't hitting the right spots. It's very important to BE PATIENT as everyone's growth spurt won't be the same. You'll notice a lot of girls growing a lot faster than you are and that's okay. This all takes time and lots of energy to be given so dedicate well and you should succeed in no time!

PS. Please do your own research on the side as much as possible as majority of these won't apply to you. To each their own.





July 28th

Instagram Promote

Love, hugs and kisses,
missmaichi 💛