Channeling Your True Inner Self

you must seek, you must want and you must feel the need to thrive if you're going to get anywhere in life.

The excuses has to stop now. Although your soul and body is ready to launch, you won't feel anything until you fix your mind. Alignment, consistency and staying balanced should be key. I know, I may be the most consistent inconsistent person but circumstances change when I truly want to invest my time into the things and people that could benefit me (whether it be my well being and or future). Now, notice the difference between the urge of wanting and needing. We may not want to do things for ourselves, but we NEED to in order to progress into the next steps in our lives. Many people don't think that there's a process to things, hell, even I used to skip these steps and that's where I would fall short because I've always jumped before I took baby steps. SO, today (hopefully) is the day we both rearrange our brains and start fresh... 

And the only way you're going to do that is if you start channeling your true inner-self.

And by that, it means to compile a list of things that makes you happy.

Here's a few of mine:

  • Watching movies with my nephews and nieces
  • Biking
  • Being at the beach
  • Hiking
  • Exploring the city to eat new foods/culture
  • Shooting videos/taking photos and editing
  • Baking
  • Reading
  • Gyming
  • Hanging out by the pool side



Overall, experiencing something that can be shared makes me feel good inside. I enjoy company and entertainment regardless of what it is. Although some of the things that I enjoy may not include people, it still makes me feel at ease. If you can't name a single thing that makes you happy, then really... who are you pleasing? And who are you?

Channeling your inner self means doing things on your own terms and making yourself happy, not others. It may sound vain and inconsiderate but in this world, we came alone and we're going to die alone so if you don't start doing things for yourself, how can you really contain happiness? Because we are our best selves when we are enjoying the things we do in our raw true form, with or without someone by our side. When you feel that you are not yourself, you know. Your nature knows that this isn't you, so why continue to be apart of something that doesn't speak volume anymore and or at all? Yes, to be yourself is a challenge for most but for some, it's first nature.

When we're young, we're fascinated by the things we can do, how many toes and fingers we have and how our face looks when we're staring at the mirror because we want to know how we work but now, we're caught up in becoming someone else and being "happy" for fame, money and title. None of that matters and it shouldn't but in today's time, our society makes it out that way and it doesn't help if we continue to feed it.

Shift your inner core. Remind yourself that you are the only person in your way of accomplishing the things YOU want in life. You may want this new car and or house, but what will you do to get that? You're going to NEED to get a job and save. There are ways to get through this but it's up to you to get to it.

I went to my bff's grandma's memorial this past weekend and the pastor said something along the lines that resonated with me, "living authentically makes you happier" because it's true. I found myself not really living my authentic self when I was going through my phases in life. Sure, I'd try new things, but it was never really me. I'd stop, obviously but once I started picking up habits that were me, I felt alive, much more me than I ever did compared tp those other times of wanting to be "cool" or whatever. I still struggle with others opinions but not as much as I did before because nowadays, I tell myself, if they're not going home with me and sharing a life with me, why does their opinion matter? It doesn't.


Happiness does not stem from exterior items but rather interior ones.

Really take a hard look at yourself and think about the things you've set yourself out to do... are you really getting anywhere or are you almost there?

Knowing yourself. What you like and don't like to what you need to what you don't changes perspective. The only way you're going to "LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE" is if you do it honestly and openly about WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU ARE. Whether you are the biggest hippie or business woman/man in your group, what ever it may be, let it shine and let it be known. Even if you put chips in your sandwich (who's with me?!) or decide not to wear a bra, so what! Don't be afraid of who you are. I mean.. perks to it is that there will be less disappointments you'll have to face. You gave them your all and yourself so if they cannot handle or mesh with you, then that's it. SO BE IT. *shrugs shoulders*



AND LASTLY, things and people who make you happy. Because they matter too. If you're around toxic and negative people all day, your energy is going to be lower than your initial vibe when you first entered. Stay cautious of those who you surround yourself with. Are they meeting your values and if they're not, then kick rocks... I'm kidding but you get the point. Attitudes, emotions, and wavelengths of goals need to be somewhat similar in order for you to feel like life is going as it should be. If things are going up and down, it's something you need to fix within yourself and if it's not you, then let yourself decide who and what you should lose. Sounds easy, I know, but start small and work your way there. It'll happen. You'll be happier, trust me.

You have to make yourself happy and if you're leaving home feeling unsettled or unsatisfied, think about things you could've done differently so that you can do them better next time. Channeling your true inner self doesn't just mean doing things you love but also things that give you growth and change because those elements will give you the life you've always dreamt of. dare to be bold.

your life is awaiting you.






Much love and respect,