Career Shifts and New Changes

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Making the "right" moves means dealing with your wins and losses.

Sometimes we learn a little too late and other times, we learn early on. It's within your means and what your instincts tell you when you're on board with a new venture. Hey, it's August and I'm weeks away till school plus my vacation with my bff. Over the weekend, I met up with one of my close girl friends and we caught up with bits of future talk alongside with what's been happening with us. From the ambitions to our next plans, I mentioned to her that my passion for fashion has took a detour for the moment as I shift my focus on to other things dear to my heart...

   Headband  : Claires |   Necklaces  : Rocksbox & Forever 21 |   Sunglasses  : Quay |   Dress  : Billabong |   Denim Jacket  : Target

Headband: Claires | Necklaces: Rocksbox & Forever 21 | Sunglasses: Quay | Dress: Billabong | Denim Jacket: Target

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As a final return by styling my new Reebok classics, thanks to Champ Sports, I'd like to thank you all as you've watched me grow this past year. I'm now embarking on a new journey within my life and feeding my soul with something new. As mentioned earlier, this doesn't mean that I'm going to completely stop my #ootd postings, it just means that I'm shifting gears to something that is more meaningful to me as of right now.

My life has changed drastically within the 7 months and my core has been calling for something much more than just the surface. Some part of me knew that I needed to do something that meant more. I wanted to help and even if it didn't mean working in a hospital or clinic, it meant relieving others of the weight.

It's difficult for people to understand as they are unaware of my position and new knowledge from close observation. I've always stressed about mental illness, to attain awareness and positive living -- now, it's towards the awareness of special needs children.

My second job has sparked a huge act upon my future wants as far as needing to provide awareness for autism. I loved children the moment I stopped becoming one in my family. The moment my sister birthed her first son, I knew that I wanted to work with children. For quite some time, I shared to my close friends that I wanted to join peace corps to enable children for a better future.

Whether it be children or dogs, I wanted to be apart of the growth and change. I grew up with multiple of dogs, in fact, pit bulls who are the kindest, most loyal and loving breed we've owned.

Again, awareness. My plans always moved with inspiration and constant chatter of insight so...  

May your choices reflect your hopes not your fears.
— Nelson Mandela

As I tie in my college plans with my work, it seems that everything is going accordingly. This may have not been accounted for when I first started this journey, but life plans has changed. These things happen to make you remember that there is much more to life than just magazines and boob jobs. I tried to rework my way up to confidence through outlets that USED to make me happy but it started to feel like going back the same person who hurt me. Therefore, the choices that I decided to make, unorthodox has relieved me of the past and new hobbies to make me feel lifted.

This aching and gnawing pain pushed me to explore this venture; a goal of mine that never got to be touched. This opportunity came long after I gave up on looking for a new position that would work with my school schedule. I hadn't known about this but it was a start. I could work with children, be at home with my family and friends while finishing up my semester. It works and without a doubt in my mind, I plan to continue this line of work to learn for myself and help others gain knowledge as well.

It hurts my heart when I see children and animals being treated wrongly. It's inhumane and overall, fucked up as they are defenseless and unaware. Coming from someone who has always been the protected one, I am now feeling the wake of becoming the protector. Sounds cheesy but my growth is coming and I'm detaching away from my old self. None of this probably makes sense but I feel better now.

As my professor once said, your desires will always stay with you until you accomplish them. 

I hope you all fulfill whatever it is that you want in this lifetime because it is possible. A simple gesture, move and decision could change your whole life.

 All photos taken and edited by me.

All photos taken and edited by me.

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