Chef's Special

It’s finally Saturday! I had such a busy start to this month after coming back from AZ! It was nice being out of California for a bit; interesting weather, sun-kissed by the poolside and plenty of cacti to see! After landing, I slept for 5 hours and headed out to Oakland! It was my next stop… unfortunately, it wasn’t that great but I did meet new friends! Good news is, I’m officially an ABA! I started my position and since then, it’s been non-stop! Luckily, coming back from all of the chaotic travels, this Monday, I had the pleasure to enjoy Zocalo’s Chef’s Special with a group of my creative friends I’ve met through social media. It was a blast!

I was stressing out so much due to scheduling and coordinating this with local bloggers and photographers I knew because I wanted them to enjoy their time but most importantly attend! It was absolutely thrilling knowing that they had gotten the opportunity to experience this with me and also connect with one another. As much as I like to think that Sacramento is small, it proves me wrong!

I personally haven’t gone to Zocalo’s since 2016 and boy, did I forget how special this spot was. It’s in the perfect location to stroll if you’re wanting to head out to the bar later that night or out dancing! It’s great for both #datenight or just having dinner with friends. You really can’t go wrong with this.


Zocalo’s serves Mexican food. Authentic and appealing.

Chef’s special = a 3 course meal with wine (including your greeting drink + appetizer)! Tickets are only $30! How amazing is that? Normally when you go into a nice restaurant, you’re pocketing out at least if not more $100 and plus these dinners are way more intimate! It’s perfect when you want to invite your family and friends out because then, you’re all at one big table just like when you’re at home! Zocalo’s is located in midtown AKA the true heart of Sacramento. It can be found on 1801 Capitol Ave! Don’t worry if you’re not near midtown because they’re also located in Fair Oaks (The UV) and in Roseville! So, whichever one you’re nearest, you’re able to attend as long as you keep up with their dates on insta!

Because the Chef’s dinners happens a couple times in the month, the meals may vary and will be paired with different kinds of alcohol. Our night was in collaboration with @boglevineyards who are also local in Sacramento. I favored mostly the white wine just because I’m a sweets type of gal but the red wine wasn’t too bad either. It was very smooth and had a buttery aftertaste. We extended our stay till almost 10pm that night, talking and laughing about everything we could think of.

Quite frankly, I wished that night would’ve lasted longer. BUT HEY, it was a great way to end on a Monday.

Through the awkwardness though, I think we made it pretty bittersweet.

I also say, an experience is a experience. Either it be bad or good, you always walk away with something.

Thank you again, Zocalo’s and Gabrielle for having us! Can’t wait for more!

Don’t miss out, their next dinner is in Roseville on the 18th this month on a Tuesday!

Photos edited and taken by me.

Update one my life? You’ll have to wait! More fun projects coming up!